Seven most popular Zoom Dive Recordings in 2023

Online seminar on screen - zoom dive concept.

Our Zoom Dives are virtual events where we have deep-dive conversations with successful creative business founders and leading industry experts about the topics that matter most to creative entrepreneurs.

All our Zoom Dives are recorded and published in our Journal so you can catch up on anything you’ve missed in your own time. When you’re ready to take a break from work or festive preparations, grab a gingerbread latte and immerse yourself in one of our most-visited recordings in 2023.

1. The impact of Gen AI on creative entrepreneurs

Generative AI brings many possibilities and opportunities for businesses looking to complete specific tasks with minimal effort. But does it positively or negatively impact the creative industries? In this Zoom Dive, Paul Dowling, co-founder of Mindstream-AI, explained how creative entrepreneurs can leverage Gen AI to enhance their work and gave insights on where this technology is headed.

2. How to transform your creative idea into a business reality

Got a creative business idea but aren’t sure how to get it off the ground? Our Zoom Dive with Alison Grade, founder of Mission Accomplished, covered how to fine-tune your creative business idea, why you need to understand the value you’re offering to clients, how to monetise your idea and where to find customers and new opportunities.

3. What my entrepreneurial journey has taught me

The best way to avoid catastrophe as you navigate the ups and downs of starting and running a creative business is to learn from someone who’s already been in your shoes. We talked to Sophie Billi-Hardwick, Global Chief Marketing Director for DesignScene, to learn about the hurdles she encountered with her legwear brand, Billi London.

4. Alternative funding models for a socially conscious creative business

Traditional funding models, like venture capital, come with pressure to get your business turning a profit as quickly as possible – so you can repay your investors. This can mean you don’t have much breathing space to grow your business in the way you want. Kata Ovari, the founder of kreativ | kollektiv, shared some alternative funding models that could see you redefine creative business success.

5. Experiential design – the art and science of shaping the customer experience

Experiential design is about building meaningful connections with your audience so they remember your brand. In this recording of our Zoom Dive with Ioana Iliesiu, Senior Experiential Architect at YourStudio, you’ll learn how to apply experiential design to your product or service to increase engagement and sales. You’ll also discover some mistakes to avoid when building a customer experience.

6. The power of email marketing for creative businesses

Alex Fearon’s Zoom Dive clarified why email marketing definitely isn’t dead and how to deliver an email strategy that offers real value to your target audience. You’ll also discover why an email list is an asset, what brilliant email content looks like and how to keep email marketing compliant with data protection laws.

7. Go big or go home: how to scale your product

Already launched your creative business and have your first customers? If you want to get your product into the hands of many, bookmark this Zoom Dive recording with Pip Brook. Pip has spent her career developing startups into massive success stories – one of which is Vita Coco (now the UK’s leading coconut water brand).


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