Zoom Dive Recordings | The power of email marketing for creative businesses

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The rise of communication channels such as social media and messaging apps begs the question, “Is email marketing dead?” After all, email uses a technology that’s been around for decades. We caught up with email marketing expert Alex Fearon to learn why email is still very much alive and how you, as a creative entrepreneur, can utilise this channel for business growth.

Alex Fearon is the founder of Maybe Later, a marketing consultancy specialising in email marketing. In a recent Zoom Dive, Alex explained why email marketing is so powerful for businesses and how you can deliver an email strategy that not only performs well but also offers real value for your target audience. If you missed this live event, catch up on it below.

You’ll discover:

  • Why email marketing doesn’t have the same prominence as social media (and why that’s a problem).
  • Why an email marketing list is an asset.
  • How to get the most value from your email marketing campaigns.
  • What brilliant email content looks like.
  • Why you should integrate email into the apps you already use.
  • How to keep your emails compliant with data protection laws.
  • Plus tons of other email marketing tips for creative entrepreneurs.


Bonus materials

Alex has also recommended some further resources to help you master email marketing for your creative business:

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