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Creative Entrepreneurs Conversations, hosted by CE Founder Carolyn Dailey, are intimate 1:1 conversations with the most visionary and exciting creative founders and the key players around them essential to their success: investors, mentors, educators, cultural leaders and policymakers – we call them the “empowerers.”

The wild success of creative businesses (vs the starving artist stereotype) and how they bring creative vision to life – is the great untold story. We want to tell it now, to empower and educate others.

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Ed Vaizey | Member of the House of Lords & Longest Serving UK Culture Minister

Who better to be part of our Creative Entrepreneurs Conversations than someone who actively champions creativity as the ‘magic dust’ of the economy with a seat at the political table? Join us at the House of Lords where Ed is now a peer, as he talks about his role as the UK’s longest-serving Culture Minister and how he successfully pushed for the creative industries to be taken seriously as an economic powerhouse.

As the ambient sounds of Westminster buzz and chime around us, get Ed’s take on the huge and often under-recognised importance of creativity, why tech companies receive more government support than the creative sector  – and why creatives shouldn’t shy away from talking about  their businesses.  Listen to Ed’s top tips on how to get your political representative to support your creative business and hear how politicians can help you in ways you may never have imagined.

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Andy Harries | Founder, Left Bank Pictures, Producer, The Crown

We are thrilled to welcome as our first guest on Creative Entrepreneurs Conversations the highly talented and visionary Andy Harries, Founder of multi-award-winning production company Left Bank Pictures, producer of Netflix mega hit The Crown.

Tune in to listen to Andy share his entrepreneurial journey, from his early days in rebellious Manchester with Lenny Henry, Jonathan Ross and more, his joining up with legendary writer Peter Morgan, the six Oscar nominations for The Queen, starring Helen Mirren, leading to setting up Left Bank. Very British roots which exploded onto the world stage. Andy also shares what it takes to start and grow a creative business and how selling a stake at the right time can help you take it to the next level.

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Fashion show catwalk red carpet

Five standout designers at Paris Haute Couture Week 2024

Paris Haute Couture Week showcases some of the world’s top fashion designers’ most exquisite and imaginative hand-constructed creations. This year’s event, held from 24 to 27 June, featured many unforgettable collections, ranging from breathtakingly elegant to captivatingly eccentric. Here are five designers who stood out for us.

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Graphic designer using drawing tablet.

Six top platforms for showcasing your creative work

Competition in the creative industries is uniquely fierce. As a designer or illustrator, it’s vital to create a knockout portfolio and ensure it’s showcased on the best online platforms. Here are six to check out.

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Everything we do is rooted in our community. That’s why we regularly host events to bring you together with fellow creatives and our wider supportive network. Think insightful talks by industry experts; convention-flouting workshops with cultural disruptors; buzzing brainstorms with peers. Clear your calendar – our events diary will give you serious FOMO.

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What happens when you mix a fashion designer with a futurist and a filmmaker? Who knows? And half the fun is finding out. Our ‘Connecting’ events are all about hooking you up with your peers for mutual mentoring, ideas-sparking and boundless creative potential.
You’re going solo — but you’re not alone. Meet successful creative entrepreneurs who are happy to share their stories and light your way with signposts and shortcuts. Note their mistakes to avoid your own, while discovering that ‘failing’ is really ‘learning’. And be inspired by their triumphant journeys.
Here’s where you learn to turn your creative vision into its full business potential, through special tools, techniques and tricks of the trade. These lively, interactive events have a strong hands-on element so you can immediately put your knowledge to practical use – to build and boost your business.

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