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Everything we do is rooted in our community. That’s why we regularly host events to bring you together with fellow creatives and our wider supportive network. Think insightful talks by industry experts; convention-flouting workshops with cultural disruptors; buzzing brainstorms with peers. Clear your calendar – our events diary will give you serious FOMO.

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What happens when you mix a fashion designer with a futurist and a filmmaker? Who knows? And half the fun is finding out. Our ‘Connecting’ events are all about hooking you up with your peers for mutual mentoring, ideas-sparking and boundless creative potential.
You’re going solo — but you’re not alone. Meet successful creative entrepreneurs who are happy to share their stories and light your way with signposts and shortcuts. Note their mistakes to avoid your own, while discovering that ‘failing’ is really ‘learning’. And be inspired by their triumphant journeys.
Here’s where you learn to turn your creative vision into its full business potential, through special tools, techniques and tricks of the trade. These lively, interactive events have a strong hands-on element so you can immediately put your knowledge to practical use – to build and boost your business.

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If you want to dial things up a notch or ten, join our inner circle. Here’s what membership gets you:

  • Deep-dive chats with high-profile creative founders
  • Masterclass video tutorials with industry leaders
  • Group mentoring with big-name creative experts
  • ‘Accountability partners’ for peer-to-peer encouragement
  • Virtual networking with like-minded creatives
  • 24/7 support in a vibrant, members-only Slack group
  • Discounts and perks to boost your business and wellbeing
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How to keep innovation alive, to help your business survive

Innovation… it’s a new solution to an old problem. A radically different approach. A way of unlocking value in a niche where no one else is looking. In this detailed how-to guide, discover why you need to keep innovating even when your company is well established…

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How to crowdfund your creative business

The world of crowdfunding is bustling – lots of product launches and campaigns are reaching their funding targets sooner than anticipated. So if you intend to launch a business venture and you’d like to give crowdfunding a try, here are some pointers.

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Our top five Zoom Dives of 2021

PR, personal branding, sustainable fashion, trends and insights and presenting yourself online… These are all burning topics that creative entrepreneurs want to know about, according to our top five Zoom Dives this year so far. If you missed these popular virtual events the first time around, catch up here.

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We’re here to help turn your creative talent into a brilliantly successful business. Join our vibrant community. Make life-changing connections. And access all the knowledge, support and inspiration you need, to get your creative business going – and growing.

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