Zoom Dive Recordings | Alternative funding models for a socially conscious creative business

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Need funding to get your creative business off the ground, but aren’t sure about going down traditional routes, like venture capital? An alternative funding model could help you build your business YOUR way.

Traditional funding models come with pressure to get your business turning a profit quickly, so you can give back to your investors. And in turn, this can mean you don’t have much breathing space or flexibility to grow your business in line with your values and beliefs.

In this Zoom Dive, Kata Ovari, founder of kreativ | kollektiv explains how her company is helping socially conscious creative businesses get financial backing without constantly worrying about profit and how quickly they can achieve success. If you missed it live, don’t worry, we recorded it!

Listen to Kata’s Zoom Dive recording to learn:

  • All about Kata and why she set up kreativ | kollektiv.
  • The alternative funding models available through kreativ | kollektiv.
  • How impact finance could see you redefine creative business success and build a sustainable business.
  • How kreativ | kollektiv helps communities in the creative industries that are currently under-represented and marginalised.
  • Plus lots of other advice on funding for creative founders and entrepreneurs.

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