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Our why

Until now, the creative world didn’t have a unified go-to place for aspiring entrepreneurs

Without the right guidance, building a business can be scary and isolating. It’s hard to know where to start and so, countless creatives don’t. What a waste of talent and potential.

That’s why Creative Entrepreneurs isn’t just a membership – it’s a movement

We’re passionate about supporting every shape and size of business. From the proudly ‘keep it small’ to the next big thing. We connect you with today’s creative leaders and industry experts – so you can become tomorrow’s entrepreneurial success story.

We are here

to empower you

with a rich online learning programme to support you at every stage, from setting up to scaling your business. New and exciting content arriving every month. Written and taught by experts, delighted to share their insights.

to inspire you

with news, views and juicy interviews. We’re not just for paying members. You can subscribe for FREE and access our knowledge bank, community events and buzzing journals. Keep up with the hottest who’s who – it may be you.

to connect you

with big-name founders, industry leaders, role models and mentors – all in one place. In this vibrant creative community, you’ll rub shoulders with the best in the business – consulting with experts and collaborating with peers.

What we’re not

  • Creative
    • Masters of the universe
    • Tycoons
    • Moguls
    • Wheeler Dealers
    • Speculators
    • Big Shots
    • Impressarios
    • Show-Offs
    • Fat Cats
    • Top Dogs
  • Entrepreneurs

Our Speakers

Matt ‘Mills’ Miller

Co-Founder, Ustwo

Roksanda Ilincic

Roksanda Ilinčić

Founder, Roksanda

Charlotte Tilbury

Founder, Charlotte Tilbury Beatuy

Kevin Osborne

Founder, MeWe360

Nicolas Roope

Design Pioneer

Our Masterclass experts

Stephanie Melodia

Marketing fundamentals

Lucy Werner and Hadrien Chatelet

Personal branding

Eamon Chawke

Legal Basics

Erica Wolfe-Murray

Creating a unique business plan

Gillian Davis

Leadership for business growth

Lloyd Gunton

Finance Basics

Philiy Page

Building confidence for business success & harnessing growth mindset to drive business success

Will mercer

Buliding creative businesses that scale & the basics of fundraising

Nick Maynard

Scaling your creative business part 1: laying the foundations

Phil Askew

Finding your values, mission and vision

Our partners


Lightbulb moment

When our founder, Carolyn Dailey, first set out on her entrepreneurial journey, after being the MD of Time Warner International London, she soon found gaps in her knowledge — and a dearth of support and advice out there. Realising thousands of creatives were facing the same problem, she decided to do something about it.

Prototype launch at No. 10 Downing Street

The prototype of Creative Entrepreneurs was launched at No. 10 Downing Street, with the support of the British Prime Minister. The launch was hosted by Ed Vaizey, Minister for Culture and the Digital Economy and brought together high profile creative founders as well as the ecosystem we want to build around aspiring creatives, including investors, educators, professional advisors, and cultural leaders.

Variety: Former Time Warner exec Carolyn Dailey launches Creative Entrepreneurs initiative

Architectural Digest: Zaha Hadid can be your new small business adviser

WWD: Anya Hindmarch, Zaha Hadid named ambassadors of Creative Entrepreneurs initiative

The New York Times: In Britain, new creative-business website draws support

dezeen: Lack of recognition for entrepreneurial designers is “a huge lost opportunity”

The Evening Standard: Britain’s got creative talent – and it can put us on top of the world

Telegraph: Creative industries are ‘driving force’ of UK economy, says David Cameron

Live events programme kick-off

After launching our website, there was great demand amongst our community to connect with each other. What they wanted most was inspiration from role models. So we launched the Founder Files, our in-conversation event series featuring high-profile creative founders our community could aspire to.

Design Museum partnership

In partnership with the Design Museum, we launched our flagship course series: Startup Essentials. We handpicked the industry’s leading experts to guide creatives through the early steps of their entrepreneurial journey and equip them with the basic essentials to get started.

Creative Entrepreneurs digital universe

The unprecedented events of 2020 galvanised us to fast-forward our future digital vision to NOW. Within a tight timeframe, we’ve transformed Creative Entrepreneurs into a first-of-its-kind, fully digital experience. Overnight, this also gave us global reach, so now we can support creatives everywhere.


What is Creative Entrepreneurs?

It’s a first-of-its-kind community experience and online learning programme to help you turn your creative talent into a brilliantly successful business. The go-to place where entrepreneurial creatives can find all the support, knowledge and connections they need to get their creative startup going and growing.

Is it free?

Our doors are open to creatives everywhere. You have FREE access to in-depth knowledge, curated specifically for creative businesses; a virtual events programme to connect and inspire you; our juicy online journal with industry news, views and interviews.

If you want to deepen your knowledge and connections, become a member and get unlimited access to our rich online learning programme with original, made-for-creatives content you can’t find anywhere else. Share and collaborate with fellow creatives and learn from the best in the business – big-name creative founders, industry leaders, mentors and peers all in one place. And much more…

What do members get that the wider community doesn’t?

As well as the free stuff we love to share with everyone, membership gets you:

  • Deep-dive chats with high-profile creative founders
  • Masterclass video tutorials with industry leaders
  • Group mentoring with big-name creative experts
  • ‘Accountability partners’ for peer-to-peer encouragement
  • Virtual networking with like-minded creatives
  • 24/7 support in a vibrant, members-only Facebook group
  • Discounts and perks to boost your business and wellbeing
How do I become a member?

You can join at any time on our Membership page.

How much does membership cost?

Typically, membership costs just £30 a month – or £300 for an annual membership, saving you £60. Sign up now.

Who can join Creative Entrepreneurs?

Anybody and everybody. You don’t need to have started a business to join – though it will probably be more interesting if you’re at least thinking about it. And we don’t have a defined list of creative roles or company types, so if you feel like you’d fit in, you surely will.

We also welcome members from around the world, though at present, live, virtual events are generally scheduled for a UK/Europe audience.

How did you come to exist?

Until now, the creative world didn’t have a go-to place for aspiring entrepreneurs. Without the support of like-minded people as well as business experts who speak your language, it’s hard to know what’s right or wrong, or even what’s possible. Starting your own business can be scary and isolating and many creative people get disheartened.

Our founder, Carolyn Dailey, wrestled with this exact problem. After a 20-year career in film, TV and journalism, she set up a creative business herself but quickly learned how little she knew about the startup business side of things. Carolyn realised there must be thousands of people in the creative sector in her same position. So she decided to do something about it.

That’s why Creative Entrepreneurs isn’t just a membership – it’s a movement.

How can I share my knowledge, product or service with your community?

There are multiple opportunities to promote your brand to our audience of ambitious entrepreneurs, through member benefits, advertising, journal features, or even hosting your own virtual Q&A session or masterclass on a topic you’re expert in. Drop us an email at hello@creativeentrepreneurs.co to discuss this further.

Oh and please don’t join the community solely to self-promote, as this goes against our whole ethos and community rules.

I’d like to feature Creative Entrepreneurs on my website/blog, in my magazine/newspaper – who shall I talk to about this?

Fantastic. We’re keen to reach as wide an audience as possible and we’d be delighted for you to feature us. Please email hello@creativeentrepreneurs.co with details of your publication and we’ll be happy to provide you with further information, digital assets and whatever else might be helpful.

I have a problem, who can help me?

Email us at hello@creativeentrepreneurs.co and we’ll try to get back to you as quickly as possible.