Zoom Dive Recordings | What my entrepreneurial journey has taught me

Yellow and red rollercoaster - entrepreneurship concept.

Getting your creative business off the ground is challenging. You need to determine whether your idea is financially viable, nail your target audience and set the right objectives for business success. How can you avoid making mistakes?

The best way to prepare for the rollercoaster of entrepreneurship is to learn from someone who’s been there and done it. In our recent Zoom Dive, we talked to Sophie Billi-Hardwick, the Global Chief Marketing Director for DesignScene, a global brand experience agency. Sophie’s also an entrepreneur who co-founded Billi London, the world’s first biodegradable legwear brand – a business that’s now closed.

Listen to the recording of Sophie’s Zoom Dive and hear:

  • The fascinating backstory of how Billi London was founded.
  • What no one tells you about entrepreneurship.
  • The lessons Sophie learned from being Billi London’s co-founder and running her own business.
  • What worked for Sophie – and what didn’t.
  • How the closure of her business helped Sophie re-evaluate what was important to her in life.
  • Plenty of tips that’ll help you navigate entrepreneurship successfully.

Zoom Dives are deep-dive conversations between our founder, Carolyn Dailey, and creative industry business experts. Each discussion dissects vital topics that creative entrepreneurs need to know about to successfully launch, grow and scale their creative businesses. Check our Events calendar and catch our next Zoom Dive live.