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If you want to dial things up a notch or ten, join our inner circle and become a Premium Member for only £150/yr. Join today and lets get your business to the next level! Here’s what Premium Membership offering gets you:


Get expert advice and know-how to launch grow and scale your business.

  • Brilliant video Masterclasses led by handpicked business experts (worth around £5,000 in the real world!).
  • Exclusive How-To Guides filled with actionable advice on topics that vary from marketing to finances and leadership.
  • Our signature in-conversation video series ‘Founder Files’


Build your support system and learn from fellow creative entrepreneurs around the world.

  • Access to the Premium Members channel in our private Slack group
  • Get matched with an Accountability Partner who can motivate and inspire you to reach your goals.
  • Have the chance to be featured on our website in our Member Spotlights and gain more exposure for your business.


Take advantage of key products and services currently worth over £1250. Get unique access and discounts to boost your business and wellbeing on:

  • Brilliant business tools and services from brands like Tide (online banking), Farillio (legal templates and advice) and Praline (design consultancy). Personal development opportunities like General Assembly key digital skills workshops and UnderPinned online training courses for wannabe freelancers.
  • Books from business experts like Erica Wolfe-Murray and Lucy Werner.
  • FoundersCard (exclusive free access for one year) – it’s the key to unlocking tons of other incredible business, lifestyle and travel benefits that’ll help you grow your business and enjoy a balanced life as a busy entrepreneur.

Do you want a tour?

If you are interested in becoming a CE Member, but aren’t sure yet if this is the right fit for you, please do get in touch and we’d be happy to give you a tour over Zoom.

The CE programme is so hands on, very direct and accessible. Another big plus is the connections I gain. You guys are obviously very well connected and I have already reimbursed my membership "investment" significantly!

Jannik Roth

MD, Planisphere

For some time I’d been looking for an entrepreneurs' programme that offered a combination of advice, networks and meaningful connections. What I wasn’t expecting to find was a bespoke programme that connected the creative industries to practical business acumen. I have found Creative Entrepreneurs to be essential in collecting advice, guidance and support and all is delivered with exceptional value, kindness and the beaming face of Carolyn at the monthly members' meetings. I have utilised the online training, monthly meet ups and discounts, making the membership fee feel like a steal.

Tom Hobden

Artistic Director, Founder, UNIT

I wish I had this 20 years ago when I started my business.

Thomas Heatherwick

Multi-award winning British architect and designer

Creative Entrepreneurs has had a massive impact on our company - we found our first investor through them, it doesn’t get more life-changing than that.

Nick Gubbins

Founder, Easel

I think the types of speakers CE gets in are really top-notch, the type you wouldn't necessarily see at any other entrepreneurship event.

Cathy Cao

co-Founder, Gather

You’ve got the talent. We’ve got the rest.

Let’s get your creative business going and growing today, at only £150 per year.

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What is Creative Entrepreneurs?

It’s a first-of-its-kind community experience and online learning programme to help you turn your creative talent into a brilliantly successful business. The go-to place where entrepreneurial creatives can find all the support, knowledge and connections they need to get their creative startup going and growing.

Is it free?

Our doors are open to creatives everywhere. You have FREE access to in-depth knowledge, curated specifically for creative businesses; a virtual events programme to connect and inspire you; our juicy online Journal with industry news, views and interviews.

If you want to deepen your knowledge and connections, become a member and get unlimited access to our rich online learning programme with original, made-for-creatives content you can’t find anywhere else. Share and collaborate with fellow creatives and learn from the best in the business – big-name creative founders, industry leaders, mentors and peers all in one place. And much more…

What do members get that the wider community doesn’t?

As well as the free stuff we love to share with everyone, membership gets you:

  • A rich archive of Masterclass video tutorials with industry leaders
  • Exclusive How-To Guides on crucial business topics
  • Access to our in-conversation video series ‘Founder Files’ to learn directly from household-name creativeentrepreneurs about their journey
  • A dedicated Premium Members Only channel in our Private CE Slack Group
  • Discounts and perks to boost your business and wellbeing
  • Have the chance to be featured on our website in our Member Spotlight and gain more exposure for your business
  • ‘Accountability partners’ for peer-to-peer encouragement
How much does membership cost?

Typically, membership costs just £30 a month – or £300 for an annual membership, saving you £60. Sign up now.

Who can join Creative Entrepreneurs?

Anybody and everybody. You don’t need to have started a business to join – though it will probably be more interesting if you’re at least thinking about it. And we don’t have a defined list of creative roles or company types, so if you feel like you’d fit in, you surely will.

We also welcome members from around the world, though at present, live, virtual events are generally scheduled for a UK/Europe audience.

How did you come to exist?

Until now, the creative world didn’t have a go-to place for aspiring entrepreneurs. Without the support of like-minded people as well as business experts who speak your language, it’s hard to know what’s right or wrong, or even what’s possible. Starting your own business can be scary and isolating and many creative people get disheartened.

Our founder, Carolyn Dailey, wrestled with this exact problem. After a 20-year career in film, TV and journalism, she set up a creative business herself but quickly learned how little she knew about the startup business side of things. Carolyn realised there must be thousands of people in the creative sector in her same position. So she decided to do something about it.

That’s why Creative Entrepreneurs isn’t just a membership – it’s a movement.

I have a problem, who can help me?

Email us at and we’ll try to get back to you as quickly as possible.