Must-read: our top ten most-visited Journal articles of 2022

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As 2022 draws to a close, we’ve been digging into our insights to see what topics creative entrepreneurs have been keen to learn about throughout this year. 

NFTs hit the mark for many – several Journal articles on this subject made our top ten. Other popular reads revolved around transitioning to self-employment, essential resources for startups, tools for microbusinesses, and why we should embrace uncertainty.

If you missed any of our most-visited articles, grab a coffee and mince pie, kick back and catch up below:

1. Zoom Dive Recordings | A beginner’s guide to NFTs

Our Zoom Dive with Tim Jarvis on A beginner’s guide to NFTs proved immensely popular, with some 600 people signing up for it. Needless to say, our Journal write-up of this event – which includes a link to its recording – has attracted the most interest.

2. The rise of NFTs and their impact on the creative world

Creative Entrepreneurs’ founder, Carolyn Dailey, shared her views on NFTs, explaining how creatives are embracing this rising trend. She also highlighted the hurdles creatives typically face in entering the world of NFTs and provided a list of useful blockchain-based tools and platforms.

3. Embrace uncertainty if you want your business to thrive: Sam Conniff explains

Sam Conniff has many accolades under his belt. He’s the founder of a marketing agency and an activist agency, as well as the author of ‘Be More Pirate’. Most recently, he founded the Uncertainty Experts, an interactive documentary that explored how uncertainty makes people feel, and how people can use that feeling to their advantage. In this interview, Sam gave us some fascinating insights about uncertainty and the opportunities it can bring.

4. Shavonne Wong on NFTs, Idris Elba and making friends at the buffet table

Singaporean fashion photographer, Shavonne Wong, used her time wisely during the pandemic to carve out a new creative career in the rapidly-changing NFT space. She created a brilliant NFT collection that sold out fast, raising her profile in this new industry and even attracting the attention of the one and only Idris Elba! We interviewed Shavonne to find out how she broke into NFTs and picked up plenty of tips and tricks for aspiring NFT artists along the way.

5. International Women’s Day: six women-led initiatives making waves in NFTs and crypto

Back in March, we marked International Women’s Day by highlighting some of the incredible, talented ladies creating a buzz in the NFT and crypto industries. Discover how World of Women (Wow), Reese Witherspoon, Boss Beauties, Krista Kim (and others) have gained attention in the NFT community this year.

6. How to make working for yourself work

One of our most popular members-only articles was all about making the transition from being employed to being your own boss – and making the move plain sailing. A useful read for anyone about to launch a startup or embark on a freelancing career, this article is packed full of tips on building a strong business foundation.

7. Zoom Dive Recordings | Diving deeper into NFTs: what creatives need to know

Following the success of A beginner’s guide to NFTs, Tim Jarvis joined us for another Zoom Dive, where we got to grips with some gritty questions about NFTs – such as how ownership works and how best to create and mint an NFT. We published the recording in our Journal – check it out here.

8. Essential reading for budding creative entrepreneurs

If you’re planning to launch a business, you’ll need to know how to get your idea off the ground, how best to spend your money and time, and what pitfalls to expect. We curated a list of brilliant and insightful books that are essential reading for creative entrepreneurs.

9. And action! Eight enlightening podcasts for budding filmmakers

Aspiring to be the next Martin Scorsese, or are simply passionate about film? We found eight fascinating podcasts perfect for aspiring filmmakers and devoted film buffs. From film banter and entertainment to career tips and tricks, you’ll want to get some of these queued up in your favourite podcast listening app.

10. Our 15 life-saving tools for microbusiness owners

Microbusinesses (which include freelancers) are the most dynamic segment of a growing economy. As such, several tools have been developed to cater to the needs of these entrepreneurial businesses. We’ve rounded up 15 that’ll help you claw back time, make processes smoother and generally empower you throughout your business journey. See them here.


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