And action! Eight enlightening podcasts for budding filmmakers

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Dream of being the next Peter Jackson or Martin Scorsese, or just live and breathe everything to do with film? Either way, we have a treat in store for you with our latest podcast roundup.

From the educational to the fascinating to the utterly hilarious, you’re bound to be hooked on at least one or two of these brilliant podcasts, whether you’re an aspiring filmmaker or a devoted film buff.

1. No Film School

No Film School is a highly rated podcast packed full of insights and tips to help potential filmmakers build the career they dream of. Expect to hear interviews with industry leaders on topics like screenwriting, directing and cinematography, plus you’ll learn about the latest film and TV trends and opportunities.

2. The Business (KCRW)

A weekly podcast full of lively banter, The Business features entertainment news and interviews with directors, producers, writers and actors. Past big-name guests include Matt Damon, Norman Lear and Ice Cube. This podcast will appeal to film enthusiasts as well as filmmakers.

3. The Q&A with Jeff Goldsmith

The Q&A podcast is a series of interviews with screenwriters and directors about their creative process. Recent episodes include a Q&A with Jonathan Tropper, co-writer for The Adam Project and an Encanto Q&A with writer-director Jared Bush, director Byron Howard and writer/co-director Charise Castro Smith.

4. Blockbuster

If you want to learn from the greats, the Blockbuster podcast is for you. It’s an award-winning mini-series that tells the stories of some of the greatest filmmakers of all time. Season one focuses on Steven Spielberg, George Lucas and the 1970s movie revolution, while season two chronicles James Cameron’s journey into filmmaking, and consequently, his path to Titanic.

5. Just Shoot It

A fantastic resource for filmmakers looking to make it in Hollywood, Just Shoot It pays diligent attention to the mechanics of directing, producing and writing. Past episodes have focused on casting the best actors, storyboarding, the pros and cons of TV directing and how to sell your film.

6. Indie Film Hustle

Knowledge bombs are dropped in every episode of Indie Film Hustle to help you learn how to survive and thrive in the movie-making business. You’ll hear conversations with industry experts and Oscar nominees about cinematography, visual effects, motion graphics, post-production, film distribution and marketing, and much more.

7. How Did This Get Made?

If you want to learn what not to do in filmmaking (or just fancy a good laugh), check out the comedy podcast, How Did This Get Made? In each episode, the hosts and special guests deconstruct a film through effortless banter and humour to make sense of truly terrible or baffling movies that made it to the big screen. If the reviews are anything to go by, this podcast will have you rolling around in stitches.

8. Film Riot Podcast

The Film Riot Podcast explores the art, process and lifestyle of filmmaking through conversations with directors, editors, actors, stunt co-ordinators, VFX artists and other industry bods. Learn about pitching, budgeting and casting, making and distributing your film independently, and how to find success in your career.


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