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How to make working for yourself work 

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Transitioning from being employed to becoming your own boss? Congrats for taking this exciting decision to go solo. Whether you’re freelancing or founding a new business, here are some tips on making a smooth move.

Start slowly

Exciting is good. Alarming isn’t. So rather than taking a leap into the unknown without a safety net, it’s better to begin gradually – creating your new business alongside your steady job or contract work. Many people jump headfirst into a solo career without a fallback (often in reaction to being unhappy with their jobs), but this can lead to anxiety and financial strain. It’s better to take time to grow your contact list and get funding, so your solo career has a solid foundation.

Build stability

Another way to make your journey less white-knuckle is to build stability with your clients – dedicating time to establishing ongoing relationships. This avoids constantly having to look for new work and feeling unsettled (such uncertainty often makes entrepreneurs lose their nerve and return to the 9 to 5).