Zoom Dive Recordings | Diving deeper into NFTs: what creatives need to know

Purple and pink cubes forming a block - 3D render concept of blockchain

Already understand the basics of NFTs but have some detailed questions about how you, as a creative entrepreneur, can leverage them? The chances are your question has been answered during our eagerly anticipated Zoom Dive with NFT expert, Tim Jarvis!

Tim is the CEO and co-founder of Fabrik (a website platform for creatives) and he’s also the founder of Infinifty, a solution that helps NFT creators mint and showcase their work.

We called upon Tim a while back to deliver a Zoom Dive on ‘A beginner’s guide to NFTs’. It was hugely popular, and so we organised a second event, ‘Diving deeper into NFTs’ to provide an opportunity for creatives to get some of their deeper, grittier questions answered.

Don’t worry if you missed this exciting session, as we recorded it in full so you can listen to it in your own time!

Access this Zoom Dive recording below to learn:

  • What constitutes an NFT – is it always an image or piece of artwork or can it be something else entirely?
  • How do NFT ownership and authenticity work?
  • What’s the best way to create and mint an NFT? (And should you use multiple platforms?)
  • How do you go about creating an NFT collection?
  • How to build your NFT community on platforms like Discord and Twitter.
  • The top NFT artists to follow for inspiration.
  • And more!



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