Zoom Dive Recordings | A beginner’s guide to NFTs

Colourful blocks, blockchain concept

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are often hailed as the next big thing – a way of owning digital collectables. But what exactly are NFTs? And how can creative entrepreneurs leverage them to monetise their work?

More than 600 people signed up to our Zoom Dive with NFT expert, Tim Jarvis, where he demystified NFTs and provided tons of insights and tips on how to enter the NFT space.

Tim is the co-founder and CEO of Fabrik, a portfolio website platform for creatives. He’s also the founder of Infinifty, a new venture where creative entrepreneurs can create, sell and showcase their NFTs. Infinifty is currently in the development phase and will be launched in Spring 2022.

If you missed this fantastic Zoom Dive event, don’t worry – we recorded it so you can catch up in your own time!

Listen to the recording below to learn:


  • What NFTs are and how they work.
  • About the link between NFTs, blockchain and smart contracts.
  • How you, as a creative entrepreneur, can get involved in the NFT space.
  • How to create an NFT, mint it and sell it.
  • How Tim’s company, Infinifty, can help.
  • The resources to explore if you want to know more about NFTs.
  • And much more.



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