The top ten most popular Journal articles of 2021

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From DIY website builders and photography and architecture podcasts to funding fundamentals and storytelling for business: these are just some of the topics that creative entrepreneurs have enjoyed reading about in the Journal this year.

We’ve rounded up our most popular articles (in order of most visited) below just in case you missed them the first time around. So grab a coffee and settle in for some worthwhile reading.

1. The best DIY website builders to help you get online

As a creative entrepreneur, it’s crucial to have a professional website that showcases your business and brand. If you’re starting out and are strapped for cash, you can easily create a website yourself through a DIY web builder platform. To help you choose the right one for you, we’ve whittled down ten of the very best in this article.

2. Zoom Dive Recordings | Getting your products in front of retailers

Getting your product store-ready is no mean feat. There are certain hoops to jump through and decisions to make before even thinking about meeting with retailers. We picked the brains of expert buyer Nicole Higgins during one of our recent Zoom Dive events to get advice for product-based creative business owners. Listen to the recording here for a wealth of not-to-be-missed tips and insights.

3. Ten epic photography podcasts that’ll capture your attention

One for professional and hobbyist photographers alike, this article lists some of the most inspiring and informative photography podcasts around. These will help you discover the latest photography trends and tips for business growth and provide a little entertainment during a marathon photo editing sesh.

4. Funding fundamentals – how to convince people to invest in your business

You believe in your big creative business idea. It’s a given. But when it comes to funding, it’s not enough that you think it’s the bee’s knees – you need to make investors believe in it too. This how-to guide explains the basics of convincing funders to buy into your vision.

5. London Fashion Week in review: eight stand-out presentations to have on your radar

For any fashionista, one of the most exciting events of the year had to be London Fashion Week back in September, especially as it included a physical return to the runways. Our roundup article highlighted eight spectacular shows that encapsulates the latest awe-inspiring fashion trends and the inspiration behind them.

6. Eight brilliant e-commerce platforms for creative businesses

Stumped as to which e-commerce platform you should go for to start selling online? We’re not surprised – there are many solutions available nowadays, each with different features, tools, plans and pricing. To help you get started with your research, we did our homework and created this list of the best store builders for creative entrepreneurs.

7. Architecture podcast roundup: ten of the best to add to your playlist

Whether you’ve already made it as a successful architect, you’re a budding architect entrepreneur or are just fascinated by architecture and design, we can recommend a podcast you’ll love. Check out our roundup of podcasts with tips, ideas, information and entertainment relating to the architecture industry.

8. Ten tools for artists or musicians that’ll shape your sound and elevate your brand

Talented artist, musician or music producer looking for ways to take your art to incredible heights? We discovered some brilliant online tools to help you master your sound, promote it – and get paid.

9. How to grip your audience through the power of storytelling

Storytelling allows you to connect with and captivate your audience on an emotional level – it’s a powerful device for creative entrepreneurs. This detailed how-to guide explains how to develop a storytelling framework and come up with structures to hang your narrative on. It also provides lots of valuable tips on how to tell your own story.

10. Avoid invoicing woes: the dos and don’ts for creative businesses

Let’s face it: invoicing isn’t the most exciting part of running a business. But it’s a crucial undertaking because without invoicing, you won’t get paid. There are some essential dos and don’ts to know about when invoicing so you can avoid common issues and make the process plain sailing.


2021 is inevitably drawing to a close, but don’t worry; we’re not ready to round the year off just yet! Keep an eye on the Journal for fresh articles throughout December.

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