Architecture podcast roundup: ten of the best to add to your playlist

building structure with textures and patterns

Podcasts are brilliant for picking up tips and ideas and keeping informed or entertained. You can create your own list of on-demand content that you want to listen to and enjoy podcasts on the go while commuting, working, exercising or even doing jobs at home.

Whether you’re an established architect looking to supercharge your business, a budding architect entrepreneur looking for tips on passing your architecture exams or are simply fascinated by architecture and design, this list is for you. Here’s our guide to the most inspirational and informative architecture podcasts, in no particular order below:

1. Face to Face

The Face to Face podcast series is hosted by Marcus Fairs, the founder and editor in chief of Dezeen, an online architecture and design magazine. You’ll hear Marcus talking to some of the biggest names in architecture and design about their lives and careers. Past podcasts have featured Thomas Heatherwick, known for his work on the Vessel, a structure of interlinked staircases in Manhattan, and Es Devlin, who has designed stage sets for major music acts, such as U2.

2. Business of Architecture

The Business of Architecture podcast provides many tips, strategies and secrets for building a fun, flexible and successful architecture practice. The focus is on helping architects create the kind of practice they dream of and design what they want while getting paid well. New podcasts are published around once per week.

3. 99% Invisible

Hosted by Roman Mars, 99% Invisible is a fascinating weekly podcast that’s enormously popular with listeners from all around the globe. It explores all the thought that goes into the unnoticed design and architecture that shapes our world. Topics covered include infrastructure, cities, technology, objects, history, visuals and sounds, as well as architecture.

4. About Buildings + Cities

This is an interesting and informative podcast exploring historical and present-day architecture, buildings and cities. Hosted by Luke Jones and George Gingell, each episode is a lively conversation on a diverse range of topics, from Michelangelo to early 90s computer architecture. About Buildings + Cities has tons of great reviews and scores 4.8 out of 5 stars on Apple.

5. Archispeak

A podcast for both upcoming and seasoned architects, Archispeak is a casual conversation about what it’s like to work in the field of architecture – the good and the bad. It’s hosted by Evan Troxel, Cormac Phalen and Neal Pann. They are architects themselves and share real-life experiences about subjects like design, resources, tools, job hunting, mentoring, generational differences and work/life balance.

6. EntreArchitect

EntreArchitect is hosted by architect Mark R LePage and aims to inspire and educate small firm entrepreneur architects to build better businesses. You can expect to get the lowdown on proven business strategies, like planning, financial management and marketing, plus insights into the everyday life of an architect.

7. Scaffold

The Scaffold podcast features insightful interviews with architects, designers, and artists to closely look at contemporary design culture. You’ll hear from voices that are well established as well as emerging talent. Scaffold is hosted by Matthew Blunderfield, an architect who also teaches at the Kingston School of Art in London.

8. Architecture Masters

From the London Festival of Architecture, this is a podcast all about the people shaping the world in which we live. Each episode features a conversation with architects, designers and leading lights from the industry. Past podcasts from Architecture Masters have featured Frank Anatole, Principal Architect for Network Rail, and Yinka Ilori, who has been described as one of the world’s most in-demand designers.

9. The Young Architect Podcast

One for student architects, The Young Architect Podcast explores the future of architecture with leaders and experts in the profession. From talks on the difficulties of the architecture exams to the business side of architecture, there’s plenty of insights and inspiration to help the next generation of architects succeed.

10. Material Matters

In the Material Matters podcast series, host Grant Gibson talks to a range of designers, architects, artists and makers about the particular material or technique they work with – and how it’s shaped their lives and careers. Think recycled aluminium, Cibachrome paper, straw bales… and even sweat.


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