Zoom Dive Recordings | Getting your product in front of retailers

Colourful purses and bags in boutique shop

Coming up with a fantastic product idea is one thing. Getting it onto shelves ready for customers to buy is another! There are certain processes to go through and decisions to make before approaching retailers, as our expert guest, Nicole Higgins, explains in this fascinating 60-minute discussion.

Nicole has over 18 years of experience working as a buyer for some of the biggest retail chains around, including Primark, M&S and Debenhams. She now helps entrepreneurs make their product ideas a reality through her consultancy company, The Buyer and Retail Coach. Nicole has also recently launched a brilliant podcast called ‘Start, Scale, Succeed’ where she shares tips, insights and conversations to help product-based business owners.

Listen to the recording below to learn:

  • How to get ready to approach retailers.
  • What to consider when creating your sell-in strategy.
  • How to get your production line ready for orders.
  • What to do if you get rejected by a retailer.
  • How to adapt your product for future success.



Need further help getting your product retail-ready?

To take up a consultancy session with Nicole, you can schedule a ‘Power Hour’ here. Nicole is also launching a digital programme to help you pitch your product to retailers. Sign up for the waitlist here and be among the first to know about it.


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