Seven of our most popular Zoom Dives in 2022

Laptop screen showing Zoom event online

Zoom Dives are where we pick the brains of a creative industry expert to glean tips and tricks on the most crucial and pressing business topics facing creative entrepreneurs.

We record all our Zoom Dive events in case you miss them the first time around and want to catch up when you have time on your hands. Here are seven of our most visited Zoom Dive recordings in 2022 – grab a coffee, get set – and listen…

1. A beginner’s guide to NFTs

More than 600 people signed up for our Zoom Dive with NFT expert Tim Jarvis to get a detailed overview of NFTs – what they are, how they work and most importantly, how creatives can make money from them. Tim explained the link between NFTs, blockchain and smart contracts, plus how to create an NFT, mint it, and sell it. Learn the basics of NFTs here.

2. Diving deeper into NFTs: what creatives need to know

Due to the popularity of the above event, we ran a follow-up Zoom Dive, again with Tim, to unpick some of the grittier questions creatives have about NFTs. Dive deeper into NFTs to discover how NFT ownership and authenticity work, how to create an NFT collection and how to build an NFT community.

3. Brand and community building in the world of NFTs

Speaking of NFT communities, another massively popular Zoom Dive focused on brand and community building. In it, Pavan Bahl talked about what it takes to achieve success with NFTs and why branding is vital before highlighting some of the top NFT entrepreneurs to follow.

4. Experiential design – the art and science of shaping the customer experience

Experiential design is all about creating memorable, meaningful customer experiences to place your brand front of mind. In this lively Zoom Dive, Senior Experiential Architect Ioana Iliesiu explained the concept of experiential design and gave lots of practical tips on applying it to a product or service.

5. How to create your entrepreneurial strategy

Many creative entrepreneurs feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of tasks and projects they must undertake. Developing an entrepreneurial strategy and being guided by your ‘North Star’ can help you juggle your priorities and meet your business milestones, as cultural strategist Jannik Roth confirmed in this Zoom Dive.

6. Inclusivity in design

Successful designer Jessica Ryan-Ndegwa is an advocate for inclusivity in the design world. In this Zoom Dive, she talked about designing for disabled people and how we should focus on the human aspect of the design process as well as the product itself. She also shared her personal success story of developing a career in design despite being born with cerebral palsy.

7. Go big or go home – how to scale your product

You’ve built and tested your product and had your first customers. But how do you scale up and get your vision to the masses? In this Zoom Dive, business strategy and marketing expert Pip Brook shared her story as to how she took Vita Coco from a small startup to the UK’s leading coconut water brand. If you need tips on scaling your product, this Zoom Dive is packed full of them.


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