Zoom Dive Recordings | How to create your entrepreneurial strategy

Chess pieces on a chess board - strategy concept

Being a creative entrepreneur can feel very overwhelming and chaotic. There may be billions of tasks and projects you want to work on and prioritise, but how do you juggle everything and still meet your goals and business milestones?

Developing an entrepreneurial strategy can help you stay on course (and keep you sane too). It’s an essential undertaking to help you plan for growth proactively, rather than reacting to changing circumstances.

Jannik Roth, cultural strategist and Managing Director of Planisphere, has plenty of experience in drawing up a strategic plan. He did this for his own business, and now guides other entrepreneurs, organisations and institutions in how to develop their own strategies.

We talked to Jannik in our latest Zoom Dive where he explained his background, why it’s important to have a ‘North Star’ to guide you and what the key ingredients are for creating a solid strategy.

Listen to the recording of Jannik’s Zoom Dive to discover:

  • Jannik’s business backstory.
  • Why having an entrepreneurial strategy is essential for business success.
  • The importance of a North Star.
  • How a strategic plan can help you navigate fear, failure and success.
  • What the fourth bottom line is in business and how to find it.
  • How to know when it’s time to review your strategy and change course.
  • And more.



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