Zoom Dive Recordings | Brand and community building in the world of NFTs

Blockchain concept 3D rendered image

Over the past year or so, NFTs have grown tremendously as a hot trend in the creative/crypto industries. Big brands and independent creators alike have dived into this new world, keen to explore the opportunities NFTs present. However, some established brands have received lukewarm responses to their NFT venture, while other little-known creators have seen incredible success.

So what’s the secret to making an NFT project successful? Pavan Bahl believes the answer lies in branding and community building.

Pavan is a community builder, connector and podcast pioneer. He’s also the founding partner of Bellwether Culture (creative content and hybrid events agency) and organiser of Unrevealed (a multi-day gathering of creators, innovators and investors).

In this Zoom Dive, we talked to Pavan about what it takes to achieve success with NFTs, along with the importance of brand and community building in Web3.

Listen to the recording below to discover:

  • What makes a successful NFT?
  • Why is branding important for NFTs?
  • Who has already launched NFTs successfully? (And how did they do it?)
  • How you, as a creative entrepreneur, can write your own NFT success story by leveraging community building.
  • And more!



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