Zoom Dive Recordings | Marketing 101 for music artists and entrepreneurs

Microphone on stage at a music gig.

The music industry is swarming with talented artists, each trying to create buzz around their sound and build a loyal army of fans. Achieving recognition and success is tough, especially for female artists who face an extra hurdle — the gender gap that exists even in this day and age.

Making it in the music industry takes much dedication, resilience and hard work. Not to mention a carefully executed marketing strategy.

We spoke to Tahnee Shakerley, founder of Align Agency, to discover how aspiring singers, songwriters and musicians can elevate their brands and win over audiences through smart PR, unique content and attention-grabbing social media campaigns.

Listen to Tahnee’s Zoom Dive recording to hear:

  • Tahnee’s backstory and how she’s carved out her unique creative business.
  • How artists can develop their brands.
  • Tips on creating quality content for music videos, press releases, artwork and animations.
  • How to leverage PR and source radio airtime.
  • Why networking is crucial for artists.
  • The latest music industry insights — and more!


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