‘Sources of Funding’ Masterclass: access part two now

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Has your business been ticking over nicely for a while but you’re now looking to expand? Then part two of our ‘Sources of Funding’ Masterclass, by Lloyd Gunton, is for you. It explores advanced ways to finance an established business and weighs up the pros and cons of each option…

Lloyd Gunton works at Saffery Champness (a UK-based Chartered Accountants), as a senior manager. He helps creative businesses, like TV and film companies, access and maximise industry tax reliefs. You might recognise a few projects he’s worked on; No Time to Die, His Dark Materials and Wheel of Time!

In ‘Sources of Funding’ part two, Lloyd provides a detailed overview of advanced types of funding, such as loans, incubators, angel investors and private equity along with guidance on how to decide which route is best for you.

Masterclass overview

  • Lesson one: Loans – the advantages and pitfalls of borrowing from a bank.
  • Lesson two: Angel investors – a ‘trendy’ form of finance but is it right for you?
  • Lesson three: Incubators and private equity – a close look at the resources and support available through incubators, plus the pros and cons of venture capital.
  • Lesson four: Dos and don’ts – some important musts plus some definite no-nos to avoid.


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Just starting out with your creative business? Check out part one of our ‘Sources of Funding’ Masterclass. It covers the most straightforward routes to funding, including bootstrapping, borrowing from friends or family, crowdfunding and grants.