Our top ten business Masterclasses of 2021 according to CE members

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One of the best things about joining our membership programme is that you’ll get access to our exclusive video Masterclasses which teach you about essential business topics – like leadership, mindset, legal basics and finance.

We’ve ranked our Masterclasses in order of most-watched below. If you’re a member and you’ve missed any of these, you can access them on-demand via our members’ space.

1. Leadership for Business Growth

Transformational leadership expert Gillian Davis teaches you all about the key components of leadership to help you lead and scale your team. You’ll learn about managing change, how to create the right team dynamics and how to drive a high-performance culture so that your team reaches its full potential.

Key insight: Leadership isn’t a certificate. It’s a continuous journey of self-improvement – and you needn’t always have the answers.

2. Harnessing Growth Mindset to Drive Business Success

An exploration of why mindset really matters, delivered by Philiy Page, founder of Creative Women International. You’ll discover a variety of tools and techniques to help you build resilience, conquer fears and harness the power of positivity – all essential to help you develop the mindset for success.

Key insight: A growth mindset builds resilience – so you can find solutions to setbacks and move forward.

3. Finance Basics

This Masterclass from Lloyd Gunton, a senior manager at Saffery Champness, is a must for any creative startup. It covers the fundamentals of business finance, including setting up a company structure, mastering accounting, projecting cash flow, tax and VAT dos and don’ts, understanding profit and loss, and much more.

Key insight: Lots of independent startups get into trouble through poor financial management rather than through a systemic problem with the business.

4. The Basics of Fundraising

Will Mercer, Venture Director at Zag, provides an introduction to fundraising, divulges the secrets to a great pitch deck and explains what investors are looking for. You’ll learn how to impress investors and get insights into their mindset – which will help boost your chances of raising funds.

Key insight: You don’t want to approach too many people, because having lots of investor meetings is emotionally draining.

5. Marketing Fundamentals

Stephanie Melodia is a branding and marketing expert at Bloom Marketing Agency. She delivers a no-nonsense Masterclass that demystifies marketing and reveals valuable insights to help you build a brilliant brand, create high-performing promotional campaigns and win your customers’ hearts.

Key insight: Customers need to see the same message five or six times before they have brand recall.

6. Creating a Unique Business Plan

This Masterclass from Erica Wolfe-Murray, founder of Lola Media, teaches you how to develop a business vision and plan that has you at its core – factoring in your hopes, dreams, and talent. You’ll also learn how to examine your market and relevant trends, carry out a SWOT analysis and more.

Key insight: There are so many riches tied up in your life journey – it’s important to look at them closely so you can evolve a business that has the truth for you at its core.

7. Legal Basics for Creative Businesses

If you’re in the early stages of launching your creative business, our Legal Basics Masterclass is not to be missed. Eamon Chawke, a solicitor and partner at Briffa, explains some of the most essential business laws in an accessible way, including those around business structure, tax, and intellectual property rights for brands, products and services. You’ll also get plenty of tips on how to avoid legal woes.

Key insight: Copyright and design rights are probably more relevant to your startup creative business than patents.

8. Personal Branding

Take a deep dive into the world of personal branding with Lucy Werner and Hadrien Chatelet, from The Wern, a PR, design and marketing agency for creative entrepreneurs. They cover the basics of personal branding and explain how to identify your audience, build an effective brand toolkit and find the right publications and journalists to help you promote your brand.

Key insight: Even the smallest startups should invest in photography. You’ll be asked for photos time and time again.

9. Finding Your Values, Mission and Vision

‘Values’, ‘mission’ and ‘vision’ aren’t just empty buzzwords. These words will be charged with meaning by the end of this Masterclass from Phil Askew, founder of Luminous Lives, as you’ll explore the personal values you were born with and use them to develop a business mission and vision focusing on doing what you love.

Key insight: Your livelihood should be an extension of who you are personally. If it wasn’t, you’d get bored with it very quickly.

10. Scaling Your Creative Business Part 1: Laying the Foundations

Already launched your creative business successfully and wondering, “Now what?” Nick Maynard is the founder of Practice London Ltd, and in this Masterclass, he’ll guide you through the next stage of your entrepreneurial journey – scaling your business and protecting what you’ve built so far.

Key insight: Scaling isn’t just for businesses who want to be household names, are turning over millions or have hundreds of people on the payroll.


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