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How to create video on a budget – part three: making it quick and simple

Smartphone set up as video camera on a tripod.

In part three of our series on creating video on a budget, we look at the third big secret to excellent content: making your video quick and simple.

Don’t underestimate simplicity. It’s a beautiful thing – and a powerful tool for winning customers. Also, ‘short’ really is sweet when busy people don’t have time for ‘long’. A quick, simple video is easier for you to make and for your customers to watch. People consume content more quickly than you may think – and appreciate you getting straight to the point.

Another obvious reason for shooting shorter videos is that it gives you time to create more. When you’re building your business, you need to get yourself known by generating content regularly. Producing multiple, quick, simple videos will reach more viewers than making one long one.

Four rules for producing quick and simple video content: