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How to create video on a budget – part two: getting the sound and lighting right 

Smartphone video camera on blue background

In part two of our series on creating video on a budget, we look at the second big secret to creating excellent content: getting your audio and lighting spot on.

In professional filmmaking, even before ‘…camera, action’ comes ‘lights’. So, to make your budget video look and sound like it was shot by a pro, it’s crucial to get these basics right.

Listen up for some sound advice

Sound is the main element that’s overlooked by amateur video makers – a mistake that can seriously compromise overall quality. “But people often watch videos with the sound off,” you may say. That’s true, but if they choose to invest in what you’re delivering, they’ll put the sound on.  This is your big moment to land your message loud and clear, so it’s important your sound doesn’t let you down.

Did you know, people are less likely to keep watching a video if the sound is bad (but the picture is good) than the other way around? So let’s prioritise talking about your audio…

Three tips for getting great sound:

1. Choose the best microphone for the job 

The two main options for filming with a smartphone are:

2. Position your microphone properly

Get the mic as close to the sound as possible (without distortion). Correct positioning is essential for ensuring the volume is loud enough on your video.