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How to create video on a budget – part one

Smartphone set up as a video camera

Video can significantly improve your search engine rankings and increase customer engagement. Have you previously shied away from creating videos, imagining this to be expensive or complicated? Well, shy no more. All you need to make brilliant business-boosting films is your smartphone and these deceptively simple hacks…

Why blow your budget on a costly and elaborate video shoot when you can film and edit your content all in one place, on one device? Smartphones have excellent camera quality and are small, agile and easy to transport. You don’t need film experience or training of any kind. You and your clever camera app will make a great team.

But first things first. You need to decide what content to include in your video.

There are three secrets to creating great video content:

  • Telling stories and giving value.
  • Getting the sound and lighting right.
  • Making it quick and simple.

In part one of this series on ‘How to create video on a budget’, we’ll explore the first secret: Telling stories and giving value…