Six world-leading exhibitions at the London Design Biennale 2023

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From watching an ultra-lifelike robot create art to discovering bread’s brilliance through sensory exploration, these are just some of the extraordinary things you can see and do at the London Design Biennale 2023.

The London Design Biennale is a month-long festival where you’ll find the world’s most innovative and thought-provoking designs that demonstrate potential solutions to global challenges.

This year, the event runs from 1–25 June at Somerset House and features exhibitions and installations from over 40 designers, involving more than 50 countries – focusing on the theme ‘The Global Game: Remapping Collaborations’. So, what can you expect to see if you decide to visit? Here are six highlights you won’t want to miss.

Ai-Da: AI Mind Home

Ai-Da is the world’s first humanoid robot – and not only that, she’s also an artist! Ai-Da uses AI algorithms, cameras (in her eyes), and robotic arms to draw, paint and even design everyday items like mugs, plates and cutlery. Her work explores the relationship between humans and technology and encourages viewers to question and consider our reliance on technology now and in the future.

BROT: Baking the Future

Bread: it’s a seemingly simple food and a staple in many diets. But actually, there’s much more to bread than you might think. In the Austria pavilion, you can dive into a sensory exploration of bread-making and discover bread’s geopolitical implications, plus those microorganisms that have been around for millennia, without which we wouldn’t have the product we know and love today.

ImPrinting: The Artist’s Brain

Beatie Wolfe presents an interactive and playful exhibition that gives visitors a peek inside an artist’s brain via a ‘thinking cap’. You can tune in to all sorts of musings, memories, fears and conversations by picking up an old-school telephone mounted to a wall near where the cap is on display.

Formation of Soof

The Abu Dhabi pavilion has already been named one of the event’s big winners for the most inspiring interpretation of this year’s theme, with the immersive installation Formation of Soof. It highlights the craft of Al-Sadu (a traditional Bedouin weaving technique that uses wool from sheep, camel and goats) and reflects the importance of sustaining and developing it for future generations.

And Beyond

Dubai’s contribution celebrates the country’s rich history and progress, showcasing the potential for global collaborations to achieve the extraordinary. Abdalla Almulla’s installation juxtaposes two seemingly disparate historical moments – camel caravans that crossed the deserts to activate cultural exchanges between societies, and the recent Emirates Mars Mission – a significant achievement for the UAE.

Creative Differences

Automorph Network brings a visually stunning exhibition highlighting matter’s transformative nature and ability to self-shape and morph. The project is a collaboration between scientists, designers and architects and looks at how we can learn from nature to develop self-morphing systems rather than solid, static structures. Creative Differences paves new paths for ideas that could shape the future.


If you’re in London this June and want to explore this fascinating cultural event, here’s how to book tickets. You may also want to view the London Design Biennale mobile guide to plan your trip before you go.

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