Six podcast picks for animators and animation fans 

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Live and breathe everything to do with animation? We’ve cherry-picked some of the best animation podcasts to educate, entertain, and inspire you. 

Looking to break into the animation industry? Perhaps you’re already a successful animator and want to soak up some deep insights and inspiration to enhance your work. Or maybe you’re an animation addict…

No matter your reason for landing here, we’ve got you covered with some of the most-listened-to podcasts from the world of animation. Add them to your podcast queue today.

Animation Industry Podcast

Tune into the Animation Industry Podcast to hear insightful interviews from animation industry leaders on topics like how to market your work online, how to pitch a show and what sort of skills you need to land your dream job. This podcast is hosted by Terry Ibele, a stop motion animator dedicated to sharing as much knowledge and information as possible about the animation industry.

Animation Addicts Podcast

The Animation Addicts Podcast offers a fortnightly dose of everything animation from Disney, Pixar, and Dreamworks. Each episode features hosts Chelsea Robson and Morgan Stradling exploring different animated films to unpick stories, techniques, character development and more. You’ll also hear about the current state of Walt Disney animation, plus interviews with key figures in animation.

School of Motion Podcast

If you want to learn more about the business and art of motion design, look no further than the School of Motion Podcast. You’ll get to dive into the world of Adobe After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator and Cinema 4D, and get actionable tips and insights from a wealth of designers, animators, 3D artists and other industry professionals.

Animation Destination

Animation Destination celebrates all things animated, including Western animation, anime and independent animation. Each week, Brandon Jones, an animation expert and fan, hosts in-depth discussions and witty banter about animated series and films. A recent episode includes a review of Blue Eye Samurai, one of the most critically acclaimed shows on Netflix.

The Bancroft Brothers Animation Podcast

Twins Tom and Tony Bancroft are both animators. Together, they host The Bancroft Brothers Animation Podcast, where they reflect on their Disney animation past, the present animation business and what’s in store for the industry. One recent episode includes an interview with retired Disney animator, Mark Henn, who created classic characters such as Jasmine, Young Simba and Mulan.

Make It Then Tell Everybody

Hosted by Dan Berry, Make It Then Tell Everybody is a show aimed at anyone interested in comic storytelling and illustration. You’ll discover what’s involved in the comic-making process and get advice on how to break into the industry. This podcast is no longer updated, but it’s well worth a listen as it contains 240 episodes of helpful content and has rave reviews.

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