Designers, tune in – eight inspiring podcasts to fuel your creativity

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Work in the UX/UI or product design field and want to develop your learning or glean a little inspiration for your next project? We’ve got you covered with this list of fascinating and informative design podcasts.

Podcasts are brilliant for expanding your knowledge – in most cases, they’re free, and you can listen to them while on the go or even doing other tasks. Our roundup below explores all design-related aspects, such as the latest UX trends, the best design tools and apps, what can be achieved when you think and solve like a designer and much more. Add these must-listen podcasts to your audio playlist at your earliest opportunity!

Design Matters

Hosted by Debbie Millman, Design Matters is one of the world’s first podcasts, broadcasting for over 15 years. Episodes feature conversations with incredibly creative designers, artists, curators, writers and musicians. The show has won many honours and accolades, including being voted one of the ‘45 best podcasts in the world’ by Business Insider and one of the ‘six best podcasts for designers’ by Creative Live.

Design Better

In Design Better, co-hosts Aarron Walter and Eli Woolery interview exciting guests from various creative fields to explore how design and technology intersect with the creative process. From product design at the New York Times to creative lessons from Ed Catmull, co-founder of Pixar, this podcast is sure to influence and inform your own practice.

Design Notes

Design Notes is a podcast where Google’s Liam Spradlin chats with people from unique creative backgrounds to discover what inspires them. Past episodes include an interview with Google Fonts Specialist Dave Crossland about what digital type can teach us and also with Aline Borges, who shifted from a career in fashion coordination to floral design and installation.

The Honest Designers Show

Geared up for modern designers struggling to make a dent in the creative universe, The Honest Designers Show will give you insider knowledge and actionable tips on how to flourish in your design career. Hosts Tom Ross, Dustin Lee, Lisa Glanz and Ian Barnard talk among themselves and with other creatives about branding, finding clients, honing your style and achieving work satisfaction.


The Deeply Graphic Designcast (DGDC) podcast is hosted by a team of creative professionals, Nick Longo, Jordan Wilson and Mikelle Morrison. It aims to inspire designers with insightful interviews, collaborative discussions and valuable lessons. Listen to discover the best design tools and apps, how AI is impacting the creative industry and how to ‘wow’ your client.

Design Thinking 101

Design Thinking 101 features stories about what can be achieved when you think and solve like a designer. Host Dawan Stanford interviews design practitioners and educators to unearth ideas, tips, resources and lessons about delivering change and results by applying design thinking. One recent episode explores how design can rethink and reshape healthcare and design for complex systems.

The NN/g UX Podcast

The Neilsen Norman Group (NNg) UX Podcast covers user experience design, strategy and professions. Therese Fessenden interviews industry experts to get their observations on trending UX topics, plus tips for building brilliant user experiences. You’ll also learn how UX professionals can create their ideal career.

Ramblings of a Designer

Each month in Ramblings of a Designer, co-hosts Laszlo Lazuer and Terri Rodriguez-Hong discuss the latest graphic design news and stories from around the web. They also interview graphic designers and leaders in the industry to get their backstories and individual takes on UX.

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