Seven AI tools to power your creative business

Robot hand reaching out to human hand. AI-assisted creativity concept.

Love it or hate it, Generative AI is changing the landscape and shaping the future for people everywhere. So, how can you leverage AI to benefit your creative business?

As a creative entrepreneur, you may have mixed feelings about AI – even a little anxiety if you’re worried about it replacing human creativity and labour. But although the emergence of AI is disruptive to the creative industries, it does bring opportunities and can even boost creativity and ideation.

Take a look at these AI tools below, which bring time-saving and money-saving advantages – and could even give your creative business a competitive edge.

Durable AI

Nothing beats a professionally designed custom website, but if you need to get your creative business online fast (with very little budget) try Durable AI. You can build a basic website in seconds just by entering a few prompts.

Durable differs from DIY web builders like Wix and Squarespace because it gives you a foundation to build upon based on your business type, with relevant headings, body copy, testimonials and call-to-actions in all the right places. Of course, you’ll want to customise all that, but there’s no need to drag and drop elements into your pages and mess around with the layout. The ‘Starter’ plan costs $12 per month and is ideal for solopreneurs. For that, you’ll get a ten-page website and custom domain.

Opus Clip

Opus Clip is an AI-powered video editing tool ideal for content creators and publishers. It lets you repurpose long-form content into short-form content at the click of a button. So, if you have a ten-minute video, Opus Clip can pick out the highlights (or sections based on keywords) and turn them into shorter clips, which have a higher chance of going viral. Ultimately, this tool is a big time saver! There’s a free plan if you want to try it out, and the ‘Starter’ plan for individual creators costs $9 monthly.

Parrot AI

If you hold lots of video meetings, Parrot AI is a useful tool that could save you much time. It doesn’t only record and transcribe your conversations; it turns them into knowledge you can share with clients or customers. For example, you can get a summary of your meeting and pick out and edit important moments in all available formats: text, audio and video. A nifty Chat AI feature also answers questions about the meeting, such as “What are the next steps?” The ‘Personal’ plan is best for individuals and costs $24 per month.

Adobe Enhance Speech

One for podcasters, Adobe Enhance Speech is a free AI filtering tool that removes background noise and echoes from voice recordings. It makes audio files sound like they’ve been recorded in a professional studio, increasing clarity and sharpening voice frequencies. It’s super simple to use, too – simply upload your file to Adobe’s browser interface (no app needed), click a button and download the enhanced audio file.


Need to create business proposals or deliver seminars? Tome is an AI presentation builder that makes a polished and professional presentation in minutes once you’ve entered a prompt about your topic. Like with Durable, you can use the content as a starting block. In Tome, you can adjust the tone of your writing and search for references to back up any claims and bring your presentation to life. If you already have work written up in a document, upload it to Tome, and it’ll build a narrative around it. Get started for free and upgrade to ‘Pro’ for just $8 per month.


One of the better-known AI tools out there, ChatGPT is very handy for creators who want to save time researching and generating content from scratch. You can use ChatGPT as a foundation for social media post captions and YouTube video descriptions, to create article outlines, and to brainstorm ideas. There are two tricks to note when using this tool. First, don’t just copy and use the information presented. You’ll need to fact-check it, add your voice, and make it your own. Secondly, input specific prompts so that ChatGPT churns out information that aligns with your needs. For example, a prompt might be to ‘create a witty, two-sentence Instagram caption for a funny photograph of a black cat’.


BHuman is one of the most futuristic things we’ve seen outside of sci-fi movies! This AI tool allows you to send personalised videos to people at scale – helpful for outreach work, preparing clients for a meeting, or answering FAQs. First, you create a video of yourself pitching or explaining something. Then BHuman ‘clones’ your face and voice, adding in personalised details such as your client’s name. You can start on the free plan, which gives you 15 personalised videos and basic face cloning.


Gen AI is evolving, and providing it’s implemented ethically and transparently, there’s much for creative entrepreneurs to be excited and curious about. It could open up doors for new opportunities and business ideas – so it’s good to at least dabble in Gen AI and see how it can help you.

Before you go, check out this Zoom Dive recording on the impact of Gen AI on creative entrepreneurs. You’ll learn why AI can’t replace you and how creative entrepreneurs who aren’t tech-savvy can get started with it.