Meet Kevin Osborne, Founder of MeWe360

Kevin Osborne is a social entrepreneur, who has spent the last 30 years as a leader, producer, and developer in the arts and creative industries supporting BAME talent. His latest project is the Create Equity Fund, a BAME-led investment fund that aims to improve the diversity of leadership, creative talent, creative content, and audiences in the arts.

He founded MeWe360, a social enterprise established in 2012 to support BAME entrepreneurial talent in reaching its full potential and to promote a more equitable and representative sector.

In 2019 he started Skin in the Game, a blog looking at current affairs, popular culture, and issues in society through the lens of race, identity, and power.


At what age did you realise you had a passion for business?
I think I’m really an activist. Business is a means through which I do my activism. I was probably about 30 when I realised I had a passion for social justice.

What do you feel are the key roadblocks, that can prevent a founder from a diverse background in gaining investment?
Thinking too small and asking for too little.

What are the three things, every entrepreneur needs?
Purpose, passion, principles.

When thinking about leadership, who are some of the people that have inspired you most on your journey?
Mohammed Ali, he had a purpose, passion, and principles!

Where do you go for inspiration?
I seek quiet spaces. I can often be seen pacing or writing at 4am. And social dancing whenever I can. Lockdown has been painful in this respect.

Do you have a project or piece of work that you’ve been most proud of and why?
I did an MSc in Business and Responsibility. The piece of work I did for that helped me to understand everything that had made me what I was to that point and has shaped all the projects I’ve developed since.  It was hard, but I completed it and was proud of the work I produced.

Finally, what’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?
In the context of business: don’t launch until you have enough cash (resources) to have a realistic chance of success. I’m in that process again now.

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