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How-To Guide | Woo journalists and get them to promote your brand

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Following our ‘How to go from PR virgin to pro’ guide, published in June, here are some more hints and hacks to help you nurture relationships with journalists and get yourself in the press. Read on to learn how to get your messages and timing right, and how to measure your success…

How to write a good (enough) press release

If you can write a blog post or product description, you can write a press release. Don’t worry about beautifully crafting your language to make it sound like magazine copy – that’s the job of the journalist. You just need to give them the relevant information about your product.

The subject of your email should be punchy and to the point – and should be the same as the title of your press release. Definitely use the word ‘new’ if what you’re pitching is new – journalists always want to know about the latest things.

If your product or brand relates to a current trend, put that in the title, for example, ‘eco-friendly’. Mention any upcoming key dates or holidays and include your launch date.