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How-To Guide | Go from PR virgin to pro

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If you think PR is intimidating and expensive, we’re about to unburden you of those beliefs. Read on for helpful hints and brilliant hacks for doing your own PR and rapidly growing your confidence – and coverage…

If PR is new to you, it’s natural to feel a bit daunted – especially when it comes to contacting journalists. But remember, they need you as much as you need them. Their career depends on writing about the latest products and brands, so you’re helping them out by giving them a good story.

If you feel tentative, start with small steps. Why not set aside a little time each week to reach out to journalists (even if it’s 20 minutes a day) and build this into your routine? Keep an eye on the news and adapt your pitch, so the subject matter is on-trend. You’ll be in the press before you know it.

If a third party endorses you, be sure to make a big noise about it on your website and social media channels. When a respected brand says you’re great – this is powerful PR.

Here are some handy hacks to help you get in touch with journalists:

Hack number 1