Get your groove on: eight inspirational podcasts for dance companies and entrepreneurs 

Ballet slippers on ballerina.

We’re back with another podcast roundup, this time for creative businesses in the field of dance. Whether you’re planning to launch a dance studio, are ready to expand your already successful dance company or just want to be inspired by some of the biggest names in this type of performing arts, you’ll want to give at least one of these podcasts a whirl.

Get ready for tips and insights on topics like choreography, career advice, diversity and inclusion for students, taking your business beyond a single studio – and even how to pick the right type of dance flooring…

1. Movers & Shapers: A Dance Podcast

Movers & Shapers is a collection of personal stories, experiences and insights from choreographers, dancers, arts administrators, dance writers and educators, creative collaborators and others who ‘shape’ the dance field. The podcast is headed up by Erin Carlisle Norton from the dance company, The Moving Architects.

2. Conversations on Dance

Hosted by Micheal Sean Breedon and Rebecca King Ferraro, Conversations on Dance offers engaging chats with the dance industry’s most talented on topics like training, choreography, career advice, dance history, music and more. It focuses on ballet and is a must-listen for anyone appreciative of this art form.

3. The Ultimate Dance Business Podcast

Aimed at dance school founders and entrepreneurs, The Ultimate Dance Business Podcast provides top tips, inspiring interviews and business strategies to help your business grow and succeed. Hosted by dance business expert Deborah Laws, listen to topics such as becoming an outstanding dance boss, taking your business beyond a single studio, and engaging with schools and nurseries without cold calling.

4. The Dance Studio Podcast

Another gem for studio owners and dance teachers is The Dance Studio Podcast with Sally Tierney. From how to choose dance flooring and foster inclusion in your studio to what it’s like to perform as a dancer for Disney, you’ll find a wealth of fascinating information here.

5. Rhee Gold’s Dance Life Podcast

A dance field pioneer, Rhee Gold is leading a movement to change and improve dance education. In the Dance Life Podcast, he inspires dance teachers to up their game and be their best. Past episodes reflect on how to keep classes interesting for students, how to have difficult conversations and how to make your studio a safe space for all dancers.

6. Lost in the Shuffle

Lost in the Shuffle is a podcast that aims to grow the tap dance community by supporting the teachers who educate the next generation of tap dancers. Each session is packed with tips and tricks to help tap teachers provide amazing classes for students. Hosted by Hillary-Marie, you can expect episodes like how to measure a successful dance class, creating choreo on portable tap floors and how to improve your tap improv.

7. Transform My Dance Studio

Host Cara Poppit will help you create the ‘go-to’ dance studio you’ve always wanted via the Transform My Dance Studio podcast. Learn how to build strong relationships with students, parents and staff, become a visionary leader of your business, strengthen your faculty through collaboration, and much more.

8. Why Dance Matters

Listen to Why Dance Matters, from the Royal Academy of Dance, for extraordinary conversations with notable names in dance, like choreographer Dame Arlene Phillips and Tiler Peck, one of the world’s greatest ballerinas. Each episode is a personal, insightful conversation with a special guest about the impact of dance on their lives, why dance is so important to them – and why dance might matter to us all.


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