Seven inspiring podcasts for creative writers and budding authors

Teal typewriter with blank paper inside.

Dream of being the next George Orwell or JK Rowling? Be inspired by our roundup of inspirational podcasts aimed at aspiring authors and creative writers. 

From tips on planning your book structure and creating pulse-pounding scenes to getting your writing launched into the public domain – these are just some of the things you can learn from these podcasts to help you become a great writer. So when taking a break from the pen (or keyboard), add these to your queue.

The Creative Penn Podcast for Writers

Whether you want to write a best-selling novel, build an author brand or navigate your way through publishing options and book marketing, you’ll get plenty of tips and advice from The Creative Penn Podcast. It’s hosted by creative entrepreneur and published author Joanna Penn, who, along with expert guests, shares a wealth of information and inspiration about the business of being a writer and making money from your craft.

The Creative Writer’s Toolbelt

This podcast from Andrew Chamberlain gives practical advice and plenty of encouragement to creative writers. Many episodes explore creative writing techniques, such as being authentic, writing a great action scene, and writing and placing flashback scenes. You’ll also get to listen to interviews with successful writers and other creatives who share golden nuggets of wisdom to help you in your journey.

Helping Writers Become Authors

More for beginner writers, Helping Writers Become Authors teaches you how to write a book and edit it into work that’s sellable and appealing to readers. Expect genre tips like how to write romance or historical fiction and get solutions to problems like what to do if your story just isn’t working.

The Writer Files

In The Writer Files, Kelton Reid studies how renowned writers work to glean secrets of their creativity and productivity. If you’re struggling with writer’s block, this one is for you. Many of the authors interviewed are New York Times bestsellers, such as Jeffery Deaver, who’s written over 40 novels, including The Bone Collector, and Robert Crais, who specialises in detective fiction.

Create If Writing

Create If Writing, hosted by Kirsten Oliphant, explains what writers need to do to build an authentic platform online. You’ll learn about leveraging social media, why authors should develop a content strategy, and get advice on topics like planning your novel, choosing a book cover, and what to do if your book doesn’t sell.

Self Publishing School

Need a nudge to get your book out of your head, written and launched? Self Publishing School with Chandler Bolt could inspire you to make writing the successful career you desire. Topics include how to make your book catch on and go viral, lessons learned from publishing over 7,000 books and, of course, how to self-publish.

Grammar Girl Quick and Dirty Tips

The Grammar Girl podcast, hosted by New York Times bestselling author Mignon Fogarty, is packed with short, friendly tips to help you write better and indulge your love of the English language. As well as getting the answers to all those burning questions on grammar, punctuation and writing styles (is it ok to start a sentence with ‘And’?), you’ll also discover new words (like ‘skrtt’ and ‘honeyfuggler’).


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