London Fashion Week Men’s Makes a Grab for the Zeitgeist

January 4, 2019

The British menswear market has plenty to be pleased about. With London fashion week men’s poised to kick off on Saturday, reports reveal men in the UK are spending an increasing amount on fashion.

In 2018, consumer spending on men’s fashion grew by 5.1% to reach £15.9bn. And, according to the editor of GQ, Dylan Jones, it all starts with what will be presented this weekend. “It’s always a trickle-down effect,” said Jones. “What happens on these catwalks now affects what people will be buying in a few years’ time.”

Jones said a “really powerful new generation of UK talent” had helped London fashion week become more exciting than its New York, Milan and Paris counterparts.

Among the brands presenting their autumn/winter 2019 collections this weekend are Charles Jeffrey Loverboy, Craig Green and A-Cold-Wall*. Jones said these designers “have the same zeitgeist feel we saw with BodyMap in the 80s and Alexander McQueen in the 90s”.

The appointment of David Beckham as ambassadorial president of the British Fashion Council (BFC) this year has further boosted London fashion week men’s. The former footballer, who will present a catwalk show for his brand, Kent & Curwen, on Sunday, told the Guardian: “More than ever, we have a real responsibility to engage and promote young and emerging creative talent.

“This industry should be an option for kids from across the UK, no matter what background they come from. I have been most inspired by the workshops we have been doing with children at school age. Their energy and creativity is just incredible and that’s why I am doing this.”

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