Zoom Dive Recordings | Building your first tech product

Binary code on a computer screen

Ever wanted to build a tech product, but don’t know where to start? You’re not alone – many creative founders don’t have experience in technology and end up relying on people with technical skills to create and grow their products. It’s almost like the required knowledge is kept locked away, only for a small group of lucky people who are in the know…

We picked the brains of Sophie Hebdidge, founder of Techniclarity, in one of our Zoom Dive events, to unpack the building blocks needed to design and launch your own tech product.

Sophie began her career as a software developer before moving into the education space, teaching people about digital. More recently, she founded Techniclarity to support female founders with the technical know-how needed to harness opportunities for success.

Listen to this Zoom Dive recording below to learn about:

  • The stages involved in building a tech product.
  • What design and coding are all about – and how to integrate the two.
  • The need-to-knows before starting to build your own tech product.
  • Common mistakes tech founders make – and how to avoid them.
  • MVPs – and how you’ll know if you’ve reached one.
  • How Sophie’s business, Techniclarity, can help.



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