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Workplace wellbeing: how to put a smile in the heart of your business

Yellow balloons with smiley faces

We all know happy workers are productive workers. We all know positivity increases resilience. We all know praise is a better motivator than fear. But in the daily bustle of running a business, we don’t always adhere to these edicts. If wellbeing in your workplace is something you want to prioritise more, ask yourself the following questions to check if you’re on track…

1. What are my values and does my brand reflect them?

Until we take care of ourselves, it’s hard to care for those around us. So wellbeing starts with yourself and your team – then ripples out to your customers and the community you serve.

In challenging times, can you show (strength in) vulnerability and ask for extra support from your team? Do you provide a workplace culture where people feel safe showing up authentically as themselves? Is personal growth for you and your team as important to you as the growth of your business? Simon Sinek (famous for his ‘Start With Why?’ TedTalk) says, “Values are not simply posters on a wall. In order for a culture to be strong, your values must be clear and your values must be lived.”

So, is workplace wellbeing a poster on your wall – or a lived reality?