Our top ten How-To guides and useful resources in 2023

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From how to define your target audience and unblock creativity to the best podcasts for artists, performers and designers… these are just some of the topics creative entrepreneurs have been eager to learn about in our Journal this year.

We’ve ranked our most popular articles in 2023 below for you to catch up on. So, when you have a little spare time over the festive season, grab some Christmassy nibbles and settle in for some good reads.

1. Seven podcast gems for visual artists and art lovers

We’ve curated a list of the most inspiring podcasts from the art world, aimed at visual artists wanting to become more visible and successful – and art lovers everywhere. Discover insightful interviews with well-known living artists and the stories behind some of the world’s most significant pieces of art, like the Mona Lisa. Plus, get plenty of tips to help you grow your art business.

2. How to define your target audience

Nailing your target audience is crucial to the success of your creative business. Get this wrong, and you’ll waste time and money promoting your offering to the wrong people. In this article, we outlined how to get clarity on your target audience and why you should do this as early as possible in your business journey.

3. Unblocking creativity: five ways to ignite your imaginative spark

Even the most inspiring creative entrepreneurs sometimes hit a roadblock with imaginative thinking. Burnout, perfectionism and self-doubt are just some reasons why creative block occurs. Try some of our valuable tips and techniques detailed here to get your creative juices flowing again.

4. Seven things creatives can do when freelance work slows down

Being a solopreneur or creative freelancer has its perks – you can work when (and where) you want, and pick and choose your clients. But one downside is worrying about your income when you hit a slow patch. In this situation, make the most of your free time and follow our productivity tips to help your business move forward.

5. Seven performing arts podcasts that’ll take centre stage in your playlist

Another popular podcast roundup in 2023 focused on performing arts – perfect for aspiring theatre actors, show writers, choreographers, dancers and storytellers. Learn how to set your own rates as a performer, listen to in-depth conversations with big-name artists and comedy legends, and prepare to be thoroughly entertained!

6. Designers, tune in – eight inspiring podcasts to fuel your creativity

Work in product design or UX/UI? Expand your knowledge with some of the best design podcasts on the net. You’ll discover the latest UX trends, what you can achieve when you think and problem-solve like a designer and be inspired by conversations with uber-creative experts in the industry.

7. Seven inspiring online magazines creatives will love

We covered some of the most interesting digital creative magazines for graphic designers, illustrators, artpreneurs, fashion designers, architects, photographers and more. So, when you need some inspiration to spark a new idea or just want to keep abreast of current trends in your field, check out this article.

8. Six brilliant stock music websites (with clear licensing terms)

If you’re a videographer or content creator, you might be on the lookout for quality music tracks to use in your creative projects. We’ve found six websites that offer either free or affordable royalty-free music. Better still, they have easy-to-understand licensing, so you can be confident you’re using the audio files legally.

9. Productivity special: six task management tools for creative entrepreneurs

Want to get more organised and focused? Task management tools help boost productivity and get your work (and life) running smoothly. Whether you’re a listmaker who enjoys ticking off completed jobs or you need a collaborative tool to work on projects seamlessly with your team, you’re bound to find an app in this list that works for you.

10. Ten art business resources to help you sell your work

To succeed as a visual artist, you need to sell your work. Finding the right places to display your art and capture the attention of prospective buyers isn’t easy. But we’ve discovered some fantastic resources – including selling platforms, marketing guides and business tips – that’ll help you turn your art into a profitable venture.

Watch this space for our top Zoom Dive recordings in 2023 – coming soon. Zoom Dives are insightful virtual events where our founder, Carolyn Dailey, talks to creative industry experts to unravel pressing topics creative entrepreneurs need to know about. In the meantime, check our Journal for recent creative business resources, tips and tricks.