Part two of the ‘Scaling Your Creative Business’ Masterclass now available

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We’re thrilled to announce that part two of Nick Maynard’s brilliant Masterclass, on the topic of Scaling Your Creative Business, is now available to CE members. This is for you if you’ve already launched your creative business venture and are now looking for the know-how to grow safely and successfully.

Nick Maynard is the founder of Practice, an accountancy firm that works with creative business owners. His video Masterclass will guide you through this next stage of your entrepreneurial journey to help you scale with confidence.

Whereas part one is all about laying the foundations and protecting what you’ve already built, part two focuses on getting your business into the right position for sustainable growth. It’s called ‘Scaling in Action’ – here’s what it covers:

Masterclass overview

1. Building momentum – how to get ready for the next phase of business growth and develop your products and services to meet the needs of wider audiences. You’ll look at the importance of getting to know your customers, experimenting with overseas markets and developing a robust marketing strategy.

2. Know your numbers – how to get up close and personal with your finances and keep them under control. This involves taking a fresh look at your financial plan.

3. Types of money – the different types of funding models to help you finance growth, including why you should self-fund if you can.


CE Masterclasses are available exclusively to CE members. To access ‘Scaling in Action’, log into our member’s space and click here. But be sure to watch part one: ‘Laying the Foundations’ first!

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