Scaling your creative business: new Masterclass available

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Do a quick Google search and you’ll find there are stacks of training courses and resources available for people who want to leave the safe shores of employment to start their own business from scratch. However, help is scarce for those who’ve started up and are now looking to scale – especially for entrepreneurs in the creative industries.

Cue Nick Maynard, founder of Practice, an accountancy and advisory firm for creative business owners. Nick has put together a brilliant two-part Masterclass on the topic of ‘Scaling Your Creative Business’.

This is for you if you’ve already overcome the challenges of the startup phase and are now looking for guidance on the next stage of your entrepreneurial journey: scaling your creative enterprise safely and successfully.

Masterclass overview

Part one of Nick’s Masterclass is now available to Creative Entrepreneurs members. It’s all about laying the foundations – here’s an overview of the lessons covered:

1. When should you scale? – learn how to recognise when the time is right for you to start scaling.

2. Protecting what you’ve built – discover the legal basics to put in place before scaling up to protect what you’ve created already.

3. Hiring your team – get savvy secrets on recruiting the best candidates for your business.

4. Automation of processes – as well as how to master the art of delegation, learn how to automate specific processes through technology to save you time.


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