Organic Social Media: new Masterclass now available

Smartphone showing social media icons.

Should you, as a creative entrepreneur, put yourself out there on social media? How can you utilise social media to grow your brand and business organically? If you’re asking yourself these questions, this intensive Masterclass is for you!

Kassy Cho is an award-winning freelance journalist and audience strategist. She’s also the founder and editor-in-chief of Almost, an Instagram-first media outlet that tells world news stories aimed at young people.

Kassy’s worked with top companies like Netflix, Buzzfeed, Amnesty International, Channel 4 News and Bloomberg, helping to grow their digital audiences. If there’s one expert that knows their way around social media and the everchanging digital landscape, it’s Kassy!

In this Masterclass on Organic Social Media, Kassy shares how to devise a winning social media strategy, create compelling content and master the art of storytelling.

Whether you’re a social media newbie or have dabbled with a few platforms previously, this Masterclass will help you learn how to put together a solid social media strategy that really works for your business.

Masterclass overview

Here’s what you’ll learn across six comprehensive lessons:

1. Creating your social media strategy – how to develop a focused strategy that not only serves your audience but aligns with your mission and values.

2. Overview of social media platforms – get an overview of the top five platforms and identify which is best for your business.

3. Creating shareable content – how to use storytelling to create content your audience will love.

4. Developing a content plan – learn how to come up with fresh content ideas and schedule activities so you’re posting consistently.

5. How to evaluate your strategy – decoding how your audience is reacting to your social posts through data and analysis, so you can see what’s working, and what’s not.

6. Must-have tools for your arsenal – discover some of the best tools around to help you design professional graphics, make slick videos and manage your social content easily.


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