Online tools for internet creators to help you create, grow and get paid

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When you create online content, like blogs or vlogs, it’s always handy to know what types of tools are out there to help you produce amazing material, grow your audience, collaborate with brands and make a profit.

We’ve put together a roundup of noteworthy tools that will help you whether you’re an aspiring internet creator or you want to scale up on what you’ve achieved so far.

1. Instasize

Instasize lets you easily transform photos and videos with quality photo filters, borders, visual effects, a collage maker and more. It’s a must-have tool if you want to up your game with gorgeous, professional-looking and visually engaging social content. And, great news – it’s low cost too. You can take advantage of a free seven-day trial and then pay £3.59 monthly after that.


VSCO is a creative channel that helps you express your creativity without being concerned with how many followers you have or how many likes your content gets. So if you just want to focus on self-expression, this tool could be for you. Predominantly, VSCO is a photo and video editing app, but it’s backed up with educational resources and has its own creative community. A free version of the app is available if you want to try it out.

3. Photoroom

Need to take photos of yourself, objects or products but struggle with getting the background just right? Photoroom takes care of the background in your images, removing the original one entirely and allowing you to replace it with different block colours, patterned wallpapers, podcast and YouTube covers and more. So worry no more about shadows and bad lighting. The app is free to download and use its basic features. For premium features, Photoroom costs £9.99 per month or £49.99 annually.

4. Mojo

The Mojo app allows you to create fantastic animated social stories for Instagram and other social platforms. It has hundreds of eye-catching templates, a wide range of text overlays and plenty of editing tools so you can change colours, fonts, alignments and more. If you’re a visual storyteller, this app will help you produce dazzling content to engage your audience and encourage interactions. Mojo costs £14.99 for one month and £59.99 for 12 months.

5. Later

Later is a social media marketing tool that lets you schedule and automatically post to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, TikTok and LinkedIn. You can upload and store media, analyse post performance, collect content from around the web and drive traffic to your website from Instagram using Later is a cheaper alternative to Hootsuite. You can get started posting your content to one set of social media channels for free, with paid plans starting at $15 per month.

6. FamePick

A talent management platform, FamePick offers a range of services to help you grow your business as an internet creator. A key feature is FamePick’s lead generation tool. It enables you to connect with a huge database of brand contacts, all of which are active in running campaigns. Additionally, you can use FamePick’s LinkFolio tool to build a stunning online portfolio and there’s also a knowledge hub packed full of resources where you can pick up tips and insights from some of the best creators around. You can get started for free and upgrade to paid plans to take advantage of the full suite of FamePick tools.

7. Clout Jam

Another (new) business management platform for creators is Clout Jam. If you’re managing partnerships with a range of brands, Clout Jam can help organise all your commitments in a single easy to use dashboard. Say goodbye to sticky notes, spreadsheets and notebook scribbles and see all your tasks, contracts, emails and upcoming schedule via the Clout Jam mobile app. You’ll also get access to the Clout Jam community and get guidance on growing your business. If you’re a new internet creator, the Clout Academy offers a series of lessons to help you succeed.

8. TikTok

Speaking of new or aspiring internet creators, TikTok is a good place to start expressing yourself and building a following. TikTok has a brilliant creator portal where you can learn how to get started on the platform, the foundations for success, how to develop a content strategy and engage your audience, and of course, how to get paid for your content.

9. Cameo

Cameo is an online platform that allows talent to authentically connect with their fanbase through personalised video messages, live video calls and direct messages. Featured on Cameo is a vast range of creative people, including actors, reality TV stars, musicians, comedians and internet creators. Fans pay a set fee to access custom content from their fave talent. To enrol in Cameo, it’s a case of filling out a form, and you’ll get a response within 72 hours to let you know if you’ve been accepted.

10. Airsubs

Another way to monetise your creative content is to offer virtual lessons or classes to teach others how to do what you love. Airsubs lets you do just that. For example, here’s an inspirational case study about a food blogger and podcaster who built a virtual cooking school during the pandemic – and it’s now her largest income source.


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