Marketing mastery: six top-tier podcasts for advertising and marketing professionals

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Ready to turbocharge your creativity and stay ahead in the dynamic world of advertising and marketing? You’re in the right place! We’ve rounded up six brilliant podcasts packed with insights, strategies, and a sprinkle of humour to keep you inspired, entertained and informed.

From the latest SEO trends to deep dives into human behaviour, you’ll glean a wealth of insights to inform your own creative practices. So, add these to your podcast queue, grab your headphones and tune in…

Marketing School – Digital Marketing and Online Marketing Tips

Marketing maestros Neil Patel and Eric Siu deliver daily actionable digital marketing lessons drawn from years of hands-on experience. Listen to Marketing School to discover the latest in SEO, content marketing, social media, conversion optimisation, and other effective online marketing strategies. With some 100 million downloads and over 2,500 episodes, a treasure trove of insights is waiting to be discovered.

The Digital Marketing Podcast

Hosted by Ciaran Rogers and Daniel Rowles, The Digital Marketing Podcast is a goldmine of information for novice and seasoned marketers. With weekly episodes featuring interviews with global experts, it’ll keep you on the cutting edge of digital marketing trends and tools. Perfect for anyone looking to elevate their marketing game in a rapidly evolving landscape.

Marketing Over Coffee

Join John Wall and Christopher Penn in Marketing Over Coffee as they serve up a blend of stimulating commentary and practical tips on the latest in marketing. Reviews touch on the quality of the advice shared, with one five-star reviewer likening the podcast to having a free marketing coach.

Hidden Brain

Hosted by Shankar Vedantam, Hidden Brain is a top-rated and credible resource with over 38.7K ratings on Apple Podcasts. While not directly targeted at advertising and marketing creatives, it delves into topics that can significantly enhance your understanding of human behaviour, a crucial aspect in campaign development. Past episodes have explored intriguing topics such as ‘Where Do Feelings Come From?’, ‘How Your Beliefs Shape Reality’ and ‘Persuasion’.

Everyone Hates Marketers

Louis Grenier’s zero-fluff marketing podcast, Everyone Hates Marketers, has had over a million downloads and is rated the ‘number one marketing podcast worth your time’ by Ahrefs. Covering everything from marketing strategy to branding, this show breaks down complex concepts into digestible, honest nuggets of wisdom. With over a million downloads, you can’t afford to miss this.

Under the Influence

In Under the Influence, Terry O’Reilly (who has over 30 years of experience in the ad industry) brings you captivating, humorous and insightful stories about the expanding world of advertising and marketing. Episodes explore the intersections of pop culture, marketing, and human nature – recent ones include ‘Pants on Fire: When Customers Lie to Marketers’ and ‘Buy-O-Pics: When Brands Become Movies’.


And there you have it – six must-listen podcasts to supercharge your marketing mojo and keep your creative juices flowing. You may also like our productivity podcast roundup and eight inspiring podcasts for designers – check these out before you go.

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