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How to turbocharge your crowdfunding campaign

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About to launch a crowdfunding campaign? Why not check your plans against this hints-and-hacks-packed guide to make sure you’re on track for success?

If you’re at the early stages of your crowdfunding journey, start by reading our related article: How to crowdfund your creative business. If you’re further along and poised for launch, then dive in and use the following as a timely checklist. You’ll probably know a lot of this stuff already, but you may find some useful nuggets…

Timing tips

Ideally, it should take you under nine months to deliver your project once you have the funds. You should be as far along the production process as possible when you launch your crowdfunding campaign.

Think about whether your product is seasonal and launch your campaign at the appropriate time. For example, if it’s Christmas-specific, it should be ready to go by November.