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How-To Guide | Present yourself online – some hints and hacks for artists

Framed pictures on art gallery wall

When an art gallery opens your portfolio or checks out your social media profile, you have a brief window to ‘wow’ them. Within seconds, they’ll decide whether to stay and see more – or look elsewhere. Here’s how to make a brilliant first impression and present your work online impactfully and professionally…

Your portfolio is your way in

Your portfolio is your first key to getting through doors. That’s why (obvious as it may sound) it’s important to put your best work in your portfolio.

Start with a bang and leave them wanting more

When displaying your work, a good trick is to use an ‘A, C, B’ or ‘B, C, A’ sequence:

  • Your grade A material is your absolute best.
  • Your B material is your second favourite.
  • Your C material is work you know is good, but not your best.