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How-To Guide | Save thousands doing your own PR 

PR concept: news heading on typewriter paper

Myth: PR is complicated, confusing and costly – and only the experts know how it works. Truth: these days, it’s easy, effective and economical to do your own PR. Read on for some empowering hints and hacks…

Once upon a (relatively recent) time, PR companies could enthral you with promises of their ‘little black book of journalists who owe me favours’ and ask for huge fees to pull strings with their contacts in high places. It doesn’t work like that anymore. Today there are numerous platforms for reaching your audiences directly. It’s perfectly possible, and often more fruitful, to do your own PR yourself.

Some advantages of DIY PR:

  • Rather than pay a PR agency or consultant, you can save thousands by upskilling yourself and your team, to learn the tricks of the trade.
  • If you then hire a consultant at a later stage, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge and confidence to work in partnership with them, rather than give them all the power to make decisions.
  • When you approach journalists, they’ll be happier working directly with you than via a middle person (they like to get authentic facts straight from the source).