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How-To Guide | Hiring a brilliant team

Rainbow of lollipops - team concept

How do you look for, and land, the best talent for your business? How do you entice highflyers to work for a low salary? How do you assemble a dream team without the process becoming a bit of a nightmare? Read on for some savvy secrets to successful recruiting and some dos and don’ts every interviewer ought to know…

Why ‘different’ is good

Before you start recruiting your team, you need to get clear about your personal strengths and weaknesses. The more self-honesty you have about your limitations, the easier it is to identify who to hire to fill in the gaps in your own skill sets.

This exercise might help you assemble your thoughts:

  • Make a list of all the aspects of your job you love doing and are good at. These are obviously the things you needn’t outsource as they’re in your zone of genius.
  • Now, list all the tasks you struggle with and don’t enjoy.

It won’t be good for your business (or for you) to battle away at things that don’t come naturally. Instead, employ someone who’ll happily take them off your hands and do them better and faster.

Why ‘same’ is essential

While it’s important to employ people whose talents contrast with yours, it’s equally crucial that their values match your own. You could interview the most brilliant candidate who’s won numerous accolades and sold a company for millions – but if the two of you aren’t aligned on the principles that matter most, it will be a difficult relationship.