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How to create a winning digital marketing strategy

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A common mistake beginners make with digital marketing is trying to jump onto every platform at once. Wise up to why this is a bad idea – and discover lots of other dos and don’ts to help get your digital marketing journey off to an auspicious start.

Let’s begin with some don’ts

Don’t overstretch yourself

When you’re excited to tell the world about your new business, it’s tempting to want to be everywhere. But this can quickly become overwhelming as each social media platform has its own set of rules, guidelines and formats. Trying to keep up with them all can be a full-time job.

Without sufficient time to manage all your marketing channels, you won’t pay them enough attention to build your profile and followers. It’s better to do ‘less’ well, than ‘more’ chaotically. So think about your goals and decide which platforms best suit your business.

Don’t under-stretch either

That said, it’s also important not to put all your resources in one social media basket. There’s no magic formula for digital marketing – you need to test frequently, take action quickly and see which channel works the most successfully.

So how do you choose the best digital marketing channels for your brand?

You need to identify and prioritise. Start by identifying your target audience and ask yourself which digital channels they’re hanging out on. You need to be where your audience is. Then ask: what do they want to hear from me on that channel? Relevant, helpful messages and content are key.

Having identified this, you can strategically prioritise these channels and your resources. Always measure your results to see if the channels are bringing you success. Ask yourself what action you can take to improve your message based on the response you’re getting.

What are the best practices for effective email marketing?

Email marketing is the second most effective marketing strategy after word-of-mouth. Anyone with something to sell needs email marketing. Create your address list and segment it according to your audience so you can send targeted emails to each group.