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How to stay close to your clients in uncertain times

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The past couple of years have been a challenge for many businesses – new, old, big, small. There are still factors outside our control. But one thing we can do is focus on looking after our clients as dedicatedly and resourcefully as we can. Here’s how to nurture rock-solid relationships in an uncertain world…

Although Britain has long since emerged from lockdown, some businesses are still struggling. It’s important to check in with your client and empathise with their situation. What are they struggling with? What can you do to help? Be proactive: think (outside boxes and beyond comfort zones) about ways to add value – and share your ideas.

Your brilliance could save the day

As a creative entrepreneur, your innovative imagination may prove invaluable to your clients and stakeholders. Are there new ways you could be doing things or new things you could be doing? Could you adapt your services and leverage your resources to suit your clients’ needs?

Here are some tips on looking after your existing clients and attracting new ones:

For existing clients:

  • Take time to assess who’s struggling and may need a little more help than usual.
  • Maintain transparency and visibility – ask clients how their business is doing and what they need – the more you understand, the more you can help them.
  • Don’t be afraid to take a temporary step back if your clients are too swamped dealing with other things (check in again in a week or two).