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How to ace your own PR: a DIY guide

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PR isn’t just about appearing in traditional media. Everything you do in the public eye (podcasts, interviews, public speaking or just responding to someone on social media) is a representation of you and your business. Here are some savvy DIY tips for promoting your personal brand…

Don’t just yell and sell: care and share

To establish a bond with audiences on social media, you need to sell yourself before you sell your product. Entrepreneurs often miss this step and dive straight into shouting about their product. (To avoid that error, have this as your mantra: ‘Stop selling and start sharing’.)

For example, if you’re a professional ceramicist speaking about why you love working with clay, how it transports you to another dimension and how it delights you to know that a little piece of your soul is in living rooms around the world – people will be fascinated and want to engage with you. If you share some free tips and pottery demos, they’ll love you even more.

You don’t just need to share about your own business: you can also post about other people’s products, services or programmes that are complementary to yours. This way you’ll become a useful resource for your audience who will make a point of returning to see what’s new. The more they benefit from what you’re sharing, the more they’ll come to recognise this added value as part of your brand – and be drawn to buy into it.