Find your values, mission and vision with our new Masterclass

Direction concept with white and red arrows

In our latest Masterclass, Phil Askew proves that the words ‘mission’, ‘vision’ and ‘values’ aren’t just marketing buzzwords. You’ll discover how they hold the key to aligning your business with a deep-rooted sense of purpose.

Phil has been a coach to creative entrepreneurs for the last fifteen years – people yearning to make a difference yet unsure of how to connect the dots and grow their businesses. Through his coaching (in which he blends his other passions for filmmaking, portrait photography and personal branding), he helps them clarify and bring focus to their vision, so they can build the business they dream of.

If you’re overflowing with ideas for your creative business but overwhelmed with how to make them a reality, this Masterclass is for you. ‘Finding Your Values, Mission and Vision’ will give you a steer on how to get clarity, purpose and meaning around the direction you want to take your creative business.

Masterclass overview

Over four conversational lessons (no death by PowerPoint here!), you’ll discover:

1. Your values – first, you’ll explore the personal values you were born with, and how they impact, influence and inform the work you do in the world.

2. Your mission – then, you’ll dig deep to determine where you want to put your focus and attention and why this matters to you.

3. Your vision – after picturing your vision, you’ll put together a roadmap to help you take your business where you want it to go.

4. Integration – finally, you’ll look back at what you’ve learned and bring your values, mission and vision together to apply them in a real-world fashion to your business.


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